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img_1011In March this year, this Magazine published the story of how Pastor Albert Odulele, founder of the Glory House International PentecostalChurch was jailed twice in London for homosexual offences. There is currently cause for alarm as the Sodom and Gomorrah pastor is now on rampage in Nigeria, opening more branches and organising crusades, where innocent young boys could fall into his trap.
Odulele now has another branch of his gay-friendly church at 191, Dabis Close, by Iwe Irohin, G.R.A, Ibara in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State. Between 15 and 18 of September this year, he staged a convention tagged “praise, prayer and power,” promising his followers to expect signs, wonders and miracles.  
With the way his ministry is spreading nationwide, Odulele who frequently share hotel beds while travelling the world with a large entourage of security personnel and pastors, cannot be trusted, despite several antics to make people believe that he has called it quits with the shameful act.img_1005
Sometimes in 2003, Odulele was watching television with a boy over whom he had assumed paternal influence, and when the boy fell asleep, the pastor dips his hand inside innocent boy’s underwear and fondled private part. The boy later got wind of the act, but said he did not know what to do and was too scared to move.
The boy was left “traumatised” and lost interest in academic work, before telling his mother about the abuse. When confronted by the boy’s mother, Odulele fell to his knees, crying and apologising.
Also in 2004, Odulele touched the inner thigh of a pastor while sharing a bed with him and another man at the Dartford Bridge Hilton. The man brushed off the advances of Odulele, the “guiding light and father figure” of the church, before being touched again, the court heard.
Mr Nicholson said a number of church members challenged Odulele about his behaviour and appealed to a bishop of the church without success.
Odulele initially denied the crimes but later admitted to the police that he had been “battling” with his sexuality for years. He was however jailed for eight months and six months respectively, and placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.
Since Odulele returned to Nigeria, there has been serious panic because old habits will never go easily, his homosexual those who are in the know claimed that he may be in the country to deceive young boys with small cash since he’s loaded with it.
One of those who spoke to us said parents should beware of Odulele, who has tarnished his image all over the world because of his immoral act.

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