September 21, 2023

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Bayut takes the biscuits with the launch of its Search Trends

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March has been magnificent for and its well spread clientele. The site, which is known for offering its members innovative new market tools, has yet again blown away the competition with the launch of its Property Search Trends Tool. The tool, which is dubbed ‘Mega Feature of the Month’ by the site, can make world of a difference for investors if utilised properly. The timing of the launch has also been of critical importance to the site. According to sources at Bayut, the tool could not have been launched at a better time since UAE & Dubai real estate sector has started picking up.

Body, the prime UAE & Dubai property portal, has upped its game during the month of March. The site, which just launched four of its fantastic features earlier this month, has shown no signs of stopping as it goes on to launch yet another mega feature: Property Search Trends. According to sources at, this remains the hottest feature offered by the site to date. With this release, Bayut has further reinforced the fact that it indeed is one of the top most service providers as far as UAE and Dubai real estate goes.

Property Search Trends, as is explicit by the very name, is a tool that helps you learn about the real estate search trends prevailing in the market. Learning about the trends and demands of the market is the most important information one can acquire prior to making an investment. For any kind of investment, timing is everything. The Search Trends tool assists buyers, tenants and landlords in making the right decision in context to the on-going market trends and activity.

The implications of this tool are massive! For regular investors, the whole of UAE represents a field with countless goldmines. Now although a goldmine is still a goldmine but some of these mines have more to offer in comparison to the others. The various developments dotting Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates are no different than goldmines where some areas are more prolific than the others and offer high returns and prospects. While for some it might be virtually impossible to tell one goldmine apart from another but not for Bayut! And Bayut, being generous as can be, has extended the same knowledge with its Search Trends.

Search Trends, in the simplest words, is your direct-most route to gauging demand of different areas and Property in Dubai. With the help of simple and easy to understand popularity index and graphs, this tools allows you to see where people are buying and renting. This, in itself, is the most powerful knowledge an investor can possess. In other words, it can help double the chances of you making a successful and highly fruitful investment. Not only can this tool make a world of difference for big investors but it is just as useful for small investors who buy property to earn good rent in Dubai.

According to experts at, the timing of this launch could not have been more perfect. Imran Ali Khan, the CEO at Bayut, says, “The launch of this tool could not have come at a better time. Dubai real estate market is picking up and there is a sharp rise in number of inquiries and traffic at Bayut.” Citing several market reports in support of his claim, he said that “ realises the needs of the changing market and has thus gone an extra mile to offer top-notch tools to help its clientele gauge trends and make better, well-informed investment decisions.” “Part of our duty as the leading UAE & Dubai property portal is to offer latest tools,” he added, “before people even realise they need them and we have been doing exactly that which is helping us bulldoze our competition.”

About Bayut– is the leading UAE property portal. The site offers state of the art tools to help gauge demand and real-time market price for property in Dubai. It serves as a launching pad for budding investors by helping them make better and smarter decisions. Among many of its services and tools, Bayut, as the prime UAE and Dubai real estate website also boasts one of UAE’s very own real estate community forum, which connects buyers, tenants and landlords directly with market experts.

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