March 31, 2023

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Baggage Thieves Invade KLM Airline Crew + Customers lose goods worth several millions on board

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This is coming at a time when Nigerians are sceptical of the security awareness of most local airlines, a time that most now believe the foreign nations airline are better positioned to serve the air travellers well. It was first reported some months back when some passengers aboard the Royal Dutch Airline popularly called KLM complained that their luggage had been tampered with, though their complaints were dismissed by those around who believed that such occurrence was expected as the airline ranked among grade A together with others like British Airways (BA), Lufthansa Airways, Emirate Airways, and some others.

However, recent findings revealed that the once very reliable KLM workforce may have been infiltrated by thieves. Passengers of a Nigeria-bound KLM flight from London via Germany arrived at the Muritala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) to discover their goods aboard the KLM aircraft had been broken into and their valuables carted away by the thieves who no member of the airline crew were able to identified.

Angry travellers besieged the airline office at the premises of the airport to lodge their complaints over their lost items worth millions of naira equivalent ranging from jewelries, phones, to Ipad and other items that can be easily concealed and taken out. Though formal letters have since been forwarded to the airline company, those in the know reveal the airline will be lying if it states that the missing valuables were not declared as was the case in another incident whereby the airline countered that the passenger failed to declare the content and value of the baggage before handing it over so they could be alerted as to  the content and subsequently they would have advised they insure it.

An earlier incident involving KLM was when the luggage of a passenger who boarded the flight to a European country was brought days after his arrival only for him to open it and discovered that his Ipod, a suit, tie, a pair of shoes and some smaller things were missing from the luggage. The issue has for some time now been a burden to the management of KLM who cannot curtail the activities of some of its staff who are bringing the company to disrepute.

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