October 3, 2023

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Awolowo’s Family Makes N500 MillionFrom Sales Of Dideolu Estate Houses

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The Awolowo family are currently laughing to the bank courtesy of the money they are making from the sale of some of their properties scattered all over the country.

Right now, the family has made well over N500m from the sale of their properties in Ogba area of Lagos known as Dideolu Court, the properties the patriarch planned to use as the the seat of government if he had won the election to rule Nigeria in the 1960s.

Before now and precisely after the death of Pa Obafemi Awolowo, the duplex houses were share between Mama HID Awolowo and the children, who in turned rented them out for commercial purposes and for many years they have been collecting their money through an agents who manages it for them.

However, things took a dramatic turn last year when the agent informed some of the tenants that the houses were up for sale in case they had interest. It was further learnt that the agent informed them that each duplex goes for N30m and N36m respectively, depending on the size.

Some of the tenants who saw this as an opportunity to own the properties that belonged to the late sage quickly arranged for money and paid while those who couldn’t afford it were asked to move out by the agent because someone had paid for them.

Those who are in the know claimed that nearly all the houses now belong to different owners and the Awolowo family are now richer to the tune of N500m just from the sale of the property in Ogba alone.

17 thoughts on “Awolowo’s Family Makes N500 MillionFrom Sales Of Dideolu Estate Houses

  1. No comments,simply because papa did so much for the yoruba’s and evidently for himself,his family and generation yet unborn.CHUKWUDI [ GOD DEY]

  2. of coz baba was and is a criminal. Wow and we were told he was upright, upright ma black ass. Show me zik, balewa or sardauna propertys dat big. Hmm 500m this guy shld b jail post humously.

    1. You should think properly before you talk. You are a big disgrace to yoruba race. Someone bought a land and he is now selling when inflation has risen badly. Does that make him a thief? Think.

  3. This is normal practice all over the world. The family owns it, the property appreciated in value, it is their God given right to sell. If the Government have no provision for Tax on the profits appreciation, so be it. Thanks for the story, the writer would have done the same if he or she are in the position of the Awolowos. Goodluck to them.

  4. That is called having vision. The price of land in Ogba at the time Pa Awolowo bought the huge expanse of land was around 400 Naira per acre. He built those houses and no one should insinuate anything because investing in land is something I have witnessed as a means of making money. Some of the lands near my house was sold for 400,000 naira per plot 3 years ago. The same land is now going for 1.2 Million Naira per plot. If someone who had the foresight purchased say, 50 plots of that land three years ago and decide to sell today, he would make a profit of 40 million naira without breaking sweat and tax free too. Use your heads!!!!!!!!

  5. Could you please tell us how much baba stole in 1960 to buy and develop these properties before everybody starts castigating him( or before people start comparing him with Tinubu). I doubt it if those properties were developed in 1960. He was a lawyer and he practiced his profession before he became the prime minister. He could have made this money from practice. So we would appreciate it if this writer could shed more light into this and let us know what he stole when in office.

  6. All you bastards saying rubbish about AWOLOWO, please show me Tafawa Balewa legacies, is legacies are Almajiris and Boko Harams, for you in the East, we can see Nnamdi Azikwe legacies, his legacies are illetrate traders and armed robbers. For AWOLOWO, his legacy is the most educated tribe in the world

    1. Please let us not insult these people who each contributed immensely to the little achievements we’ve made as a nation till date. Balewa’s Government gave us Unilag whose Alumni are definitely not almajira or if you like, almajiris. Zik’s Government approved the establishment of UNN, the Alumni of which are not illiterate traders just like the OAU and ABU conceptualized by the Governments of Awo and Bello respectively have distinguished Alumni. Undeniably, some of our people had a head start in terms of Western civilization over the others but this should not be used to ignore the sacrifices of each of these great patriots to the development of our Country. Their legacies abound in every facet of our national life

    2. Thanks for making all the foolish critics understand.Pa Awolowo name had been written on the sand of time.The huge role he played in educating his people cannot be overvalued.This is a peanut compared to what all these new age politicians are acquiring.Rest in peace the “best president Nigeria never had”.You will forever be remembered.Down with all the critics.

  7. Dideolu Estate belongs to the Awolowo family. What they do with their property is nobody’s business. If they like, they can dash it out to anybody… I think this is not an issue.

  8. Awolowo may not be perfect, but he was hardworking, very disciplined and had vision. Whatever you acquire today will not be of the same value 20 years from now. May God give us hardworking and forward looking leaders and not rogues who are just after what they could make out of the system, amen.

  9. Why are we so daft in this Country? It is sad that we now believe that every rich Nigerian is/was a thief! People just make uninformed public comments and are not ready to be corrected. Regarding Dideolu Estate built by Chief Awolowo in the 1970s (not 60s), there was nothing immoral about its development. Unlike his political peers, Chief Awolowo was a successful private Legal Practitioner with many lucrative briefs. He became a SAN in 1978 when the rank had not been corrupted. He had other business interests which were of public knowledge. No doubt, he was human but he worked hard to acquire his wealth unlike the present crop of rulers –political or natural- whose primary duty is to whet their extra large appetites with the public till.

  10. This is fore-sight. A vision only great people possess. What is wrong in having economic sense. It is a shame for some small minds to insinuate anything bad in what the Awolowos did. If only our present day leaders do the same, they need not steal.

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