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The Awolowo family are currently laughing to the bank courtesy of the money they are making from the sale of some of their properties scattered all over the country.

Right now, the family has made well over N500m from the sale of their properties in Ogba area of Lagos known as Dideolu Court, the properties the patriarch planned to use as the the seat of government if he had won the election to rule Nigeria in the 1960s.

Before now and precisely after the death of Pa Obafemi Awolowo, the duplex houses were share between Mama HID Awolowo and the children, who in turned rented them out for commercial purposes and for many years they have been collecting their money through an agents who manages it for them.

However, things took a dramatic turn last year when the agent informed some of the tenants that the houses were up for sale in case they had interest. It was further learnt that the agent informed them that each duplex goes for N30m and N36m respectively, depending on the size.

Some of the tenants who saw this as an opportunity to own the properties that belonged to the late sage quickly arranged for money and paid while those who couldn’t afford it were asked to move out by the agent because someone had paid for them.

Those who are in the know claimed that nearly all the houses now belong to different owners and the Awolowo family are now richer to the tune of N500m just from the sale of the property in Ogba alone.

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