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Gov segun_mimikoThere is a popular saying that the dead are always guilty, this comes to play in the issues emanating after the ill-fated Associated Airline crash that cost the lives of some young and vibrant individuals in the country, which included the owner of MIC Funeral Services, Mr. Tunji Okusanya and his first son. Others who also lost their lives included DejiFalae who was a commissioner in the cabinet of the Mimiko led Ondo State government and son of Chief Olu Falae, a former vice presidential candidate and one-time finance minister during the Babangida regime.

One thing that has, however, been generating hot argument is the choice of airline chartered to take the corpse of the former Ondo State governor, Olusegun Agagu to Akure for the state burial planned for him. While the Agagu family saying the government was responsible for the transportation that nearly took the life of their son and in-law, the Mimiko’s government is claiming innocence of the whole issue saying it was all contracted out to the MIC who were to handle the burial and that it was the funeral undertakers that were also responsible for the transportation.

However, insiders alleged that the claim by the governor that the government was not responsible is false. According to them, it was the governor who hired of the 20-something-year-old aircraft which latest information revealed has not been operational for some time now prior to the ill-fated trip. It was also revealed that the aircraft was booked for testing which means it was not supposed to be used for such functions.

The new findings we gathered have raised the ire of the Agagu family who were forced to bury their father without the necessary funfair that has been planned for the event. Sources within the government of Mimiko said the governor was actually in the picture and that he had a hand in the choice of the aircraft which we learnt was given to him on goodwill and this has angered the Agagu family who felt it is bad for the governor to risk the life of so much young and intelligent people just because of money.

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