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imageThe ranks of those who are criticizing President Buhari is growing on a daily basis going by his lack luster performance in office after a year and half in office without any tangible achievements on record to his name. One of the accusation against the president is that he hardly listened to wise counsels from people who are ready to give him a genuine advice.

To buttress this assertion one of his kinsmen and a prominent figure in the North, Yerima Shettima who is also the President of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum claimed he stopped advising the president because he would not listen. He went further that not only him but nearly majority of people who can help him to steer the ship of the country decided to look other way when it was glaring that he would not follow whatever he was told and to me that is not the kind of leader that the country needed at this critical period.

Yerima went further that the president had lost focus and event Buhari was fast loosing the goodwill that gave him electoral victory last year stressing that this present regime has derailed which has led to abject poverty and suffering of Nigerians.

He said, “The level of poverty is extremely high and it is worsening. People have advised him, but he refused to heed good counsel. His goodwill has nosedived.

“What we have seen is different from the expectations of the masses. People sacrificed so much to ensure that he emerged victorious at the poll. But what we have seen is appalling. Personally, I have stopped advising him because he does not listen.”

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