October 1, 2023

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IMG_1289The controversy surrounding the messy affair between the controversial man of God Apostle Suleiman and his alleged Canadian mistress Stephanie Otobo is still gathering dust here and there as more messy and unprintable details between the duo have now emerged and Global News is ready to serve you fresh.

The embattled General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s latest trouble is far from over as the accusation and counter accusations between the fiery pastor and his alleged Canadian-based mistres is getting messier by the day if feelers we are getting is anything to go by.

As the alleged mistress Stephanie Otobo released pictoral details of Suleiman’s visits and Internet calls some days ago,Global News had been reliably informed by its sources of how Victoria had planned from the beginning to shame and blackmail Suleiman with the evidences of their messy affair which sources said started about three years ago.

Global News reliably gathered that Stephanie Otobo had planned at the outset of the affair to use picture evidences to extort money from Suleiman and if Suleiman fails to play ball had planned to switch to plan B which is to expose the escapades of the fiery man of God to the media and make the headlines and wait for Suleiman to “settle” her handsomely.

Victoria who also alleged Suleiman of trying to kill her in order to hide his escapades with her also said Suleiman pays prostitutes 400 thousand naira per night. As the saga continues to raise more dust, Stephanie some days ago released many raunchy screenshots of videocam of the alleged dirty affair of the pair to further substantiate her claim.

Although the wife of Suleiman has said she is standing by her man and the man of God himself has vehemently denied the affair sources say the lady had it planned from the beginning and that may be why she kept the pictures of Apostle Suleiman’s visits and the picture frames from their many video chats.

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