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ifeanyi-uba1Ifeanyi Ubah is a successful global business mogul who is selfless in his relationships with people, communities, institutions and governments. He is an epitome of true philanthropy; a visionary leader and great manager of private, national and global business concerns. He is a man with an absolute, corruption-free mindset, which is rare to find in the Nigerian political landscape faced with the flagrant embezzlement of public funds. In aspiring to govern Anambra State, Ifeanyi Ubah has pledged accountability and transparency in all governmental transactions, as well as the total execution of his ‘Action Plan’ – his “Freedom Plan for Ndi-Anambra”.




Below are his contributions to Anambra State, and the other peoples of Nigeria, which makes him more deserving to be elected the governor of the state on November 16, 2013.




  1. Ifeanyi Ubah built the biggest ICT Centre in the South-East, at the University of Nigeria (UNN)
  2. Ifeanyi Ubah constructed a Canadian style Hostel accommodation at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK), Awka.
  3. Ifeanyi Ubah renovated St. Philips Anglican Church, Ogidi, for the funeral service of the late writer/novelist: Chinua Achebe in 2012. This exemplary contribution earned him the commendation of Mr. President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
  4. Ifeanyi Ubah contributed the sum of N60M for the rehabilitation of the Anglican Bishop’s Court, Awka, in Anambra State.
  5. Ifeanyi Ubah renovated St. Peter’s Catholic Church in his hometown, Umuanuka, Otolo, Nnewi, for their centenary celebration.
  6. Ifeanyi Ubah is single-handedly building the 34,000-seat capacity Catholic Cathedral, Nnewi Diocese, with 128 underground tombs for the burial of priests who may serve and die in the Diocese.
  7. Ifeanyi Ubah is the sole sponsor of the “All Catholic Boys Organisation’s” (CBO) football competition in Anambra State.
  8. Ifeanyi Ubah sponsored 30 Christians on pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the month of August, 2013.
  9. Ifeanyi Ubah offers free fuel to Okada riders in Anambra State, and the cyclists reciprocate with early morning prayers for him by 6am daily.
  10. Ifeanyi Ubah reconstructed 2km length of road at his hometown, Otolo, Nnewi. The roads are graded and tarred with interlocking stones, and provided with good drainage system covered with cemented slabs. The roads are also dotted with street lights that illuminate the whole place at night.
  11. Ifeanyi Ubah currently sponsors 166 Anambra Students on scholarship for different areas and levels of education, using his platform, ‘Ifeanyi Ubah Foundation’, to oversee the scholarship program.
  12. Ifeanyi Ubah swiftly sent two (2) aircrafts to airlift and save the lives of a great number of Igbo Youth Corps members serving in Bauchi State during the post-election violence of 2011.
  13. Ifeanyi Ubah, is the first, of all successful business magnets in Anambra State to bring the NNPC petroleum products Mega-Stations to the state, for the benefit of all those who use fuel, gasoline and kerosene products.
  14. Ifeanyi Ubah donated over 800 assorted equipments for the rehabilitation of people with disability in Anambra State, which their union leader; Dr. Cosmas Okoli, acknowledged through a press release.
  15. Ifeanyi Ubah recently sponsored the visitation of a medical team of 15 foreign doctors from the USA, who toured 12 LGAs in three senatorial zones of Anambra State, and offered free medical services, on different ailments, to indigenes and   residents in the state.
  16. Ifeanyi Ubah has purchased ‘Eye Clinic Equipments’, which have the capacity to administer eye treatment to about twenty thousand (20,000) patients within the shortest possible time. This special equipment is about to be launched.
  17. Ifeanyi Ubah came to the aid of the flood victims in 2012 when the River Niger overflowed its banks.
  18. Ifeanyi Ubah is the youngest member of the Nnewi Traditional Council, and takes great delight in sponsoring traditional activities in Anambra State, such as the ‘Offala Festival’, the ‘Afia Onu Nnewi’, and others that help to revive and maintain the cultural heritage of the people.



  1.      Ifeanyi Ubah initiated and distributes national-wide, large quantities of kerosene products for the benefit of the people in all the states of Nigeria. This scheme has received commendation from many of the state governors whose citizens are beneficiaries.
  2.      Ifeanyi Ubah is the first easterner to sponsor and promote a ‘Beach Soccer Tournament in the South-East of Nigeria. This gesture was meant to sustain the spirit of love and skill development in soccer tournaments in the Nigerian society.
  3.      Ifeanyi Ubah sponsored the international visitation of global soccer stars, such as Eto’o, Kanu, Adebayo, Okocha, Diouf, etc, to inspire the development of football talents amongst Nigerian youths.
  4.      Ifeanyi Ubah built a 167-seat-capacity ICT Centre at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna, in the year 2012.
  5.      Ifeanyi Ubah has continually assisted the practice and growth of the print media in the South-East, through the sponsorship of their annual union activities.
  6.      Ifeanyi Ubah, through his company; Capital Oil and Gas Industries Ltd, donated the sum of Twenty million (N20M) Naira to the ‘Lagos State Government Security Trust Fund’ in the year 2009, to help the state government put in place security measures needed for safeguarding the lives and property of residents.
  7.      Ifeanyi Ubah constructed the best known award winning street in Lagos State; which won the community development award (CDA) in the year 2011, from the Lagos State Government.
  8.      Ifeanyi Ubah canvassed and convinced the Lagos State Government’s Environmental Development Agency to re-open the Alaba International Market in its current location, after it was slated for relocation.
  9.      Ifeanyi Ubah built a solid and durable fire-fighting equipment complex at the Federal Trade Fair Complex in Lagos State.
  10.      Ifeanyi Ubah’s company; Capital Oil and Gas Industries Ltd, holds an enviable 35 per cent operational capacity in the oil and gas products consumer business in Nigeria. No other private company in Nigeria has attained up to 50 per cent of Capital Oil’s capacity in the business.
  11.      Capital Oil has 32 loading arms for petroleum products, which is an unmatched record in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry private corporate business. Capital Oil also has regional Tank Farms in Suleja, Funtua, Emene, and Kano, with additional farms being built at Koko and Warri. This makes Capital Oil the largest reservoir of petroleum products in Nigeria.
  12.      Capital Oil and Gas Industries, owns the largest number of petroleum products conveyance trucks, marine tankers, and barges, which are being used nation-wide in the downstream sector of the national economy.
  13.      With over three thousand five hundred (3,500) employees in all his corporate conglomerates, Ifeanyi Ubah holds the record of being the largest private corporation employer of labour in the downstream sector of the Nigerian oil economy.




  • He holds an Honourary Doctorate of Management Technology (DMT) Degree from the Federal University of Technology (FUTO), Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.


  • He is a receiver of the Honourary Doctorate of Philosophy in ‘Critical and Creative Thinking’ from Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA.


  • He successfully completed the prestigious Owner/President Management Program of Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA, this year, 2013.



From the foregoing, it is understandable why every right-thinking mind seems to have concluded that: Ifeanyi Ubah, the flag-bearer of the Labour Party of Nigeria, is the “Best Choice for Governor”, in Anambra State. In character, Ifeanyi Ubah has shown he has the natural instinct for the management and control of men, in private and corporate business. His effective management of the affairs of over ten companies shows that the powers of organization and leadership are at his fingertips. As a man with so much self-control, it is expected that his natural leadership qualities will bear on the good governance of Anambra State.



Written by: Nwosu Chukwuemeka

Posted by the ‘Media Team’ of Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.


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