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According to scoops gathered by Freelanews online, problems started when a photographer innocently posted photos of a wedding event he covered on his Instagram page and an eagle-eyed fan recognised the groom.

On a closer look, he turned out to be Moris Orlando, the same man that got married to Atirene in February 2021!

According to a source, the most painful part of the whole issue was the fact that Orlando, who was believed to be in the United States seemed to have sneaked back into the country in September to marry an innocent Esther he met on Facebook.

Najite and husband, Moris, in a loved pose

Orlando, who also claimed to be a serving police officer in the states, alleged that he married Najite to give her American papers, when confronted.

The source revealed that Orlando now claims that while it’s true he is married to Najite, he left when he realised that she was trying to scam him after he promised her the papers.

Friends say the most painful part of the story is that the Najite who championed the No Sex Before Marriage initiative, was a virgin before she met the American cop who she surrendered her virginity to at 30yrs old, after the traditional wedding in February.

Esther on her wedding day with Moris

Can Najite and Esther’s marriages to Orlando remain the same after these exposures, only time will tell.

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