February 2, 2023

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Alleged Romance Trails Omotola And Senator Abaribe

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omotolaNollywood diva and mother of four, Omotola is presently alleged to be having an affair with distinguished senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Eyinnaya Abaribe. Feelers from busybodies indicate that Omotola seldom pays visit to the senator.

According to the rumour mongers, there was a certain occasion that Omotola and another female guest visited the senator at his Abuja office and he decided to attend to the other lady, leaving Omotola at the reception. When asked why he kept Omotola waiting for so long at his reception, the senator simply told his friend who asked him that question that his deals with Omotola is different from the other lady and that Omosexy would wait till he closes for the day and then go out together to dine and wine before heading to God knows where. Anyway, this is not a new development in Nollywood as many actresses are known to be friends of who-is-who in the society most especially politicians and moneybags.

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