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King of Fuji Music and Olori Omoba of Ijebu, Wasiu Ayinde Marshall is a man who loves good things. He loves his cars vintage, wines exclusive and his women are extremely beautiful.

He is a man who loves to have fun, hence, he works hard to enjoy the good things life has to offer.

When the news of his split with his erstwhile wife, Titi Marshall broke, it caused a stir on the internet as many disclosed that the duo should have sorted their differences instead of going their separate ways.

King Wasiu, against all odds, announced Titi’s replacement, with Chief Emmanuela Morounropo from Abeokuta. While tongues wagged about KWAM1, he defied all odds by walking down the aisle with her amid pomp and pageantry.

Though many said the duo’s union wouldn’t stand the test of time, the Fuji King said he had got to his final destination as he professed undying love for his wife.

Anytime he is on stage, he eulogises his wife.They  make couples, bachelors and spinsters green with envy with their public display of affection.

According to sources, the duo often have misunderstandings but they sort out their differences behind closed doors. However, last December, the duo had a little misunderstanding but we gathered that they are yet to sort it out.

It was obvious there was a crack in their union, for when Chief Emmanuella celebrated her birthday on January 1, 2024, her husband, who would have celebrated her to the high heavens by throwing a big soiree for her like he did in the past was not there. There was no social media post or mention either.

In the same vein, at KWAM 1’s January all-white concert, Emmanuella didn’t attend and KWAM1 didn’t eulogise her as he used to. This further sends a negative signal to their admirers who concluded that it seems things are falling apart for the two love birds.

Sources say that though reconciliation moves are ongoing as the wife has called close friends of the Maiyegun  to wade in,  the matter remains.

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