September 27, 2023

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img_1130One of the ‘baddest’ and biggest boys in Nigeria’s aviation industry is currently having the time of his life in God’s own country with Nigerian stolen wealth passed to him by his father.Global News can now reveal how Alex Badeh Jr. who fled the country when the hands of the law caught up with his old boy who was ex- President Jonathan’s Chief of Defense Staff who was said to have embezzled about 500 million naira meant for procurement of military equipment.Alex Badeh jr. Is reportedly enjoying Nigeria’s stolen wealth which he got by acting as his father’s (air Vice Marshall Alex Badeh rtd.) proxy in many of the shady deals perpetrated by the latter. According to our ever reliable source, Alex Jr. Who currently resides in Houston Texas in the United States of America hurriedly bought the pad he lives in the State of Texas at the height of his dad’s problem with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).As soon as Badeh Jr who was a full time pilot with Arik Airline got wind of the fact EFCC was about to arrest him in connection with the fraud charges against his father quickly sold some of his most valuable acquisitions in the country and took the next flight out of the country. Badeh who was a ladies’ man and man about town in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja had a fleet of some of the most expensive cars in different houses in Lagos and Abuja.Sources also say Badeh Jr. who was always envied by the other pilots at Arik and at the Pilots’ Club sold all his expensive machines which include a Porsche, a Ferrari and a limited edition Mercedes Benz G-wagon. Badeh, we gathered acquired two separate lovely apartments in Miami whilst his father was using him as a proxy to siphon taxpayers money. The said apartments which are in choice areas of Miami, Florida were bought cash down with each costing in excess of four hundred thousand dollars. He is said to be making a fortune on them every month as they are currently leased out to tenants.We also gathered that the very fact that his father is cooling off in EFCC custody because of fraud is yet to make his son sober and lie low in the States as reports reaching us from yonder say Alex Badeh Jr. is busy enjoying the loot he made from his father’s many shady deals as he is partying hard with bevy of girls from oneState to another in the US.The handsome bloke who is a chip off the old block reportedly goes to different countries in Caribbean Island just to party with some of his spoilt and fun-loving friends and girls of different nationalities. We also have it on good authority that Alex Badeh Jr. is planning to relocate to Miami, Florida so he could be amongst some of his right-hand guys who hang out in some of Florida’s most exotic bars every day.Alex Badeh Jr. whose father was the Chief of Defence Staff and who is currently being prosecuted for offencesbordering on money laundering, criminal breach of trust and corruption up to the tune of 3.9 billion naira reportedly fled the country as soon as he was mentioned in an EFCC suit against his father. And as you are reading this, Badeh Jr we hear is trying to buy another pad in Dallas, Texas knowing full well that the case against him and his dad has subsided.

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