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IMG_1227The dust being raised by the media expose on the Nigeria High Commission in London and its alleged funding of the lifestyle of some top government functionaries in President Muhammad Buhari’s Cabinet just landed the delectable wife of the President, Aisha Buhari in fresh trouble.

It must be said that the First Lady who was into a low profile lifestyle in Daura prior to her husband’s emergence as Nigeria’s President, but since she moved into Aso Rock, Aisha has graduated into the league of Nigeria’s ex- First Ladies who usually live flamboyant lifestyles funded by the perks of the office of the First Lady.

Be that as it may, reports reaching us say Aisha who is fully implicated in this fresh reports that a number of top Buhari aides and his wife collected huge sums of hard currency from the Nigerian Mission in London to fund their flamboyant lifestyles in Nigeria and abroad.

Since her husband assumed power on May 29th 2015, Aisha has never ceased to be on the news headlines for all the wrong reasons especially when it comes to the ostentatious lifestyle she is leading.The amount of money she spends on buying designers wristwatches,bags,shoes and other personal effects is so staggering and mind-boggling vis-a-vis the frugal and austere lifestyle being preached by his hubby and which many believe is one of his hallmarks.

A few days back, Aisha is fingered in a detailed investigative report which uncovered how the some top members of staff of the Nigerian Embassy in London connived with a number of high-ranking aides of President Mohammad Buhari to dip their hands into the account of this “juicy” foreign mission.

In the said report, Buhari’s Chief of Staff Abba Kyari,Aisha Buhari and others have been fiddling with the finances of the Nigeria High Commission ,London for questionable purposes.Also fingered in the financial mess are Adah Simon Ogah,Nigeria’s acting High Commissioner and Omolayo Akinfala, a special assistant to Aisha Buhari,the wife of the president.

It is further alleged that the High Commission spends a minimum of £7,000 for hospitality on each of Mrs. Buhari’s seven visits to the UK in the year 2016.That’s totalling £49,000 in all.

The wife of the president has in the past courted many controversies with her lifestyle and unguided utterances but this particular scandal may prove to be her final undoing because of the austere lifestyle her husband is preaching for Nigerians.Though Aisha has denied the claims but her antecedents in the past is not helping matters as people are now saying that her ostentatious lifestyle may not be unconnected with her growing and insatiable greed.

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