February 8, 2023

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Air France In Trouble Over Baba Suwe’s Cocaine Saga …Cursed for killing his wife

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The management of AirFrance needs to explain how one of their staff got entangled in a cocaine deal that involved a popular Nollywood comedian and actor, Babatunde Omidina popularly known as Baba Suwe who was arrested recently atLagosAirporton his way toParis.

It was gathered that Baba Suwe, when he was arrested claimed that he was going toParis,Franceto attend the naming ceremony of the child of the Air France staff whose wife recently delivered and that he was billed to act as the master of ceremony.

However, those who know claimed that this is not the first time that some of the staff of Air France have been into this shameful and illegal deal because many drug couriers before now had used the route to move hard drugs outside the country.

It was gathered that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency had long before now suspected the shady deals going on among the staff of Air France but bided its time before attempting to unravel the cartel behind the deal.

Though the identity of the airline’s staff was still shrouded in secrecy as at press time, those who knows him very well claimed he is someone that lives beyond his means, which had long before now fuelled speculations that he was into another business aside his work with Air France.

Another school of thought said the ugly incident that happened to Baba Suwe may be as result of the curses heaped on him by those who believed that he killed his wife who died in controversial circumstances few years back.

 He was being detained at the NDLEA office at the airport by the time we were going to bed. Sources said he was under observation pending the time he will start excreting the drugs.

After he was arrested, sources said, he denied that he swallowed drugs, until he went through the scanner. He could not however explain the white substances seen in his stomach.

12 thoughts on “Air France In Trouble Over Baba Suwe’s Cocaine Saga …Cursed for killing his wife

  1. The way information is being publisized is terrible. Half and half information. Why won’t they release the name of the Air France staff? How come some newspaper like Vanguard are carring conflicting information? One day, they will say Baba Suwe excreted little drug substance, the other day, “he has not excreted since he was caught”, at other times, “Baba Suwe excreted and no drug found in him”?
    Which is the correct story na? Very soon, the matter will die down and nothing will be heard again on this issue. Enough financial settlement must have been made by that time. So how this country go take better? People say Jonathan is corrupt but in our little way, we are equally corrupt. Country men, change your ways

  2. I think we’re only listening to d pinch of d info about dis saga event.
    Day by day as time pass away, d story changes.
    Only God knows what we’ll hear 2morrow about dis.
    It’s like many Air France workers & other people in power here & in Paris are connected with this! Come what may, God’ll bring all unrighteouness to judgement.
    We are the change nigeria needs & it begins in you & I!

  3. like u said, money don change hands. God please fraustrate all unrepentent corupters in nigeria. please gv us d full gist. haba!!! watch out for igbe baba suwe part 8 abi na ten

  4. We have actually been hearing same issues among the thespians α̲̅πϑ this has t☺ be curbed we even thank God that this was noticed in Nigeria it would have added t☺ series of alligations levelled against Nigeria in abroad,but the truth aspect of this issues is yet t☺ be known as there is no absolute confirmation about the possibly NDLEA was hidding something,let the whole scene be unveilled then will know what t☺ say.This thespian-baba suwe was once a cynosure of all eyes in the movie industry or should we agree that this is dimentional style of staging a new playa,kindly dig into the truth α̲̅πϑ let’s know

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