March 31, 2023

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Adeboye’s Son Laolu’s Plot To Buy Wisemen Apparel Building From Owner For N200m

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Laolu, the son of the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, is having a swell time with his fashion business named Wisemen Apparel and Duchess, which has shops inLondononEdgeware Road, one of the most expensive districts inLondonand on highbrow Opebi and Awolowo road inLagos,Nigeria.

 But despite the huge amount of money expended on the top-scale boutique by Laolu, he was not happy that the outfit since its inception didn’t have a building of its own.

Global News learnt that he was so desperate to secure a building of his own, no matter how much in terms of money this would cost him. This we gathered made him to contact the owner of the building that housed his Opebi branch, anEdobusinessman who owns a popular printing press along Agidingbi very close Femi Kuti’s Shrine, pestering him to sell the building to him.

It was said that the owner initially felt that he was joking when he first made the proposition, but he started taking Laolu serious when he kept pestering him to sell the building to him.

Laolu was said to have offered him N200m, which was rejected. But Laolu promised that  he was ready to jack it up, to secure the property at all cost.

This proposition was said to have baffled the owner, whose first name starts with letter A and surname with letter E, who wondered where the young man was getting the money from since he is not known to be a serious businessman, though he has his hands in many businesses aside from the boutique that is strictly for the rich.

32 thoughts on “Adeboye’s Son Laolu’s Plot To Buy Wisemen Apparel Building From Owner For N200m

  1. You gys msut be kidding the world about this, all you have to is to get a proof that is more genue. release the name of the land lord’s name not E/A.

  2. Why are always on the trail of the men of God? Is it an attempt to soil their garment or to expose the darkness in the pulpits in Nigeria. If not pls be careful Sir.

    1. shut ur mouth and don’t get God angry cos when you speak against man of God indirectlly you speak against God.

  3. U guys are playing with fire. It would be in ur best interest 2 focus on more pressing issues instead of trying 2 bring d names of men of 2 disrepute.

    1. The problem with Nigerians is that we worship men rather than God. For Christ sake is it a sin to write an article of such? oh cos he is G O s son now he is immune. He can spend money anyhow and no one should query the source of such money. But if the son of a governor or senate did that, such should be questioned. Who has ever openly let these people know that they are amassing wealth on earth and doing little to help the poor? How many people have come out openly to challenge over 250000 Naira charged by their universities per semester? Who has ever ask how many children of the masses are in such schools? We are all dumb, yes all of us!!!

  4. Dear young man, jealousy is a sin. Being a pastor’s son does not mean he should be engaged in an activity to earn a living. Time to call believers church rat is over. Please find something else to keep yourself buzzy.

  5. Thank God, it isn’t the “man of God”. Thank God nothing has been proved against Laolu. I’m searching the law books to find out when it became a crime to aspire to buy up a property considered by one to be strategic for ones business. Being “serious businessman” is relative term. Who determines what’s serious? Let your A….. E….. continue to wonder until someone bid for his person.

  6. Solve the rent or own argument. Rent to own homes serve an important purpose in today’s gloomy economy: They give individuals the chance to decide if they’d be better off as tenants or homeowners.

  7. I think that people should mind their businesses if they have one rather than showcase other peoples private issues for instance who is Laolu to Nigerians and of what benefit is his purchase of a business property to us?. I would rather think of how to expand my own business than look into Laolu’s own.

  8. You never told us if the guy is taking a loan or selling part of the business share in order to expand and solidify. This story is a waste of our precious time.
    The young man who runs Focal group (Saudana Magazine, Saudana Awards etc his name is Hazzan Rilwan is about 30years old. he’s business has an annual turnover of 200million.
    He makes his bulky money from those award nite where he gather eminent people and international for the awards. he then raise funds…….
    Abeg leave laolu alone to make progress. His father has sown good seed in the land, he’s supposed to prosper more than he is currently doing because God will bless the work of his hand because of his father.

  9. Hmmmmm….. What shall it profit a Man to gain d whole and loose his SOUL. Am not a redeem member but what i blive is that, time will tell who really is goin to make HAVEN.

  10. Hmmmmm….. What shall it profit a Man to gain d wholeworld and loose his SOUL. Am not a redeem member but what i blive is that, time will tell who really is goin to make HAVEN.

  11. This is outrageous,how someone will set precious time aside to start trailing men of GOD and there family’s affair.gorsh!!!signs of end time.Mr/Mrs writter pls for ur own good put such precious time into re-exameaning ur life,achievements and salvation and stop pocknosing into Men of God’s family for ur salvation and leave gudgement for God when the time comes.

  12. there is notin wrong wit d write up,if this guy av made is money from guinue businesses…whose head ache is dat…but our problems is dat people sud b poor like others…is into a fashion busy n ll all know i.e reasonable pple… dat fashion rules the world….God bless naija God bless laolu God bless me n my business

  13. There is nothing wrong with this write up except for any other reason that is not disclosed. Laolu is a son of a public figure, the father is a well respected leader, his business dealings should interest the public, particularly the followers of the father. Lets eschew sentiments from this, I’m a believer, nobody has called Baba any bad name here, I’m sure the G. O himself will not condemn this write up. This is accountability, A leader’s life is a life of “look at me if you have found any wrong dealings”. If we expect a transparent society then lets begin to tolerate these types of write ups. Baba’s life of integrity is unquestionable, but we have other supposed men of God that leaves room for suspicion, we must know how our leaders and people around them live. It is not in doubt that this young man has been in business for long, a look into his business dealings can equally encourage other young people on how to succeed in business.

  14. I doubt very much if there’s any Nigerian pastors,bishops,prophets/prophetesses who’re not corrupt and looters of their churches/congregations-treasuries.
    They are not hardworking more than their class-mates or age-classes nor are they betterly-specially blessed than others like them in the society.In abroad,most of these corrupt thieving pastors/G.Os would be in penitentiaries for embezzlement/looting and stealing from churches.But Nigeria’s lawless as every dick & harry including monkeys & goats.The case of Laolu-son of the RCCG-Pastor Adeboye’s outstanding certification of the general opinions of watchers of these socalled men of God that owned private jets and live in luxury while their churches poor members live in impoverishment.
    In abroad,churches are places where you can go straight into,to ask for shoes,dresses and foodstuffs in time of needs as churches would candidly without looking back assist you with your needs.Laolu’s living and trading as well as banking on his dad’s church’s-RCCG-funds by his intent to up-his price offer on the building he intends to purchase from owner at Agidingbi,Ikeja,Lagos.RCCG’s university too charges the highest school fees for under-graduate students and non of the regular members children would attend RCCG-university but for the aflunce parents children.Very shameful. Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan,Canada

  15. Is there any problem with that? As long he gets his money uprightly, it is ok.Let me tell you , children of God are in convenant to be the richest men on earth provided they are obedient to God.

  16. Dr kolawole Awosan is not a man of wisdom but merely an intellectual. Beware of speaking without deep thought.Don’t be a religious bigot in the face of wisdom.Learn to be analyse issue not on sentiment.

  17. I am extremely |impressed with your writing abilities as well as with the format of Global News » Adeboye’s Son Laolu’s Plot To Buy Wisemen Apparel Building From Owner For N200m.. Is this a paid topic or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice high quality writing, it is uncommon to see a nice blog like this one today.

  18. seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other things shall be added unto u.meaning this young man hav Christ all thing blongs to him frm A-Z.

  19. See things logically b4 u say anything i really don’t understand u in dis country.for publicized wat causes conflict abt adeolu nothing bad in dat let him lives d way he likes.but only wat i want laolu 2 do he should gives to the poor.some pple it hard 4 them to ave breakfast instead of launch.may God lead us thru.AMEN

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