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Pastor AdeboyeThe jostling for ultimate power and the rat-race to succeed the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian church of God is yet to abate. As matter of fact, the plot to take over from this quintessential man of God by his ambitious and influential pastors who think he’s had his time and should vacate the stage is taking a dangerous dimension.

Global News can now authoritatively reveal that some of the overzealous pastors have been alleged to have devised many means of eliminating this revered man of God. Global News also gathered that a particular one amongst the frontlines claiming ownership to the stool of GO is now maintaining a very low profile in the Church’s scheme of things after he had openly demonstrated his love for the position but was met with stiff opposition from some church hierarchy whom he thought would naturally support his ambition to ease out Pastor Adeboye.

Sources close to the office of the GO disclosed that in the recent past, the plot to overthrow the General Overseer by any means necessary is thickening by the day because of the unwholesome activities of the top provincial and leading pastors eyeing the exalted position.

This development we believe informed the decision of the GO to openly lambasted them at the just concluded Special Holy Ghost Service which also coincided with the 74th birthday Anniversary of Pastor Adeboye. The child of God himself declared that ”you cannot kill me until my time is up”. Also at the Ministers’ Conference that preceded the Holy Ghost Service, Adeboye shocked his ambitious pastors eyeing the coveted seat to wait for their turn as he is not finished as yet, though he’s advanced in age. He further pointed out that the ambitious pastors who had been positioning themselves to take over from him in the event of him dying whilst in active service, to stop wasting their time as ”there is no death in my eyes at all”.

Baba Adeboye as he is fondly called also revealed how on two occasions in the recent past had escaped death from various means. He specifically mentioned how he miraculously survived food poisoning. We also have it on good authority that some of the pastors occupying the top echelon of the RCCG ladder have gone diabolical (juju) to either harm or kill him but was saved by the power of the holy ghost.

The agitation for a new GO and the frustration of some of the pastors in the fold stemmed from their believe that the General overseer should have stepped aside when he turned 70 according to the constitution of the church however the man of God insists God is yet to choose a successor for the church and therefore he cannot leave the scene in a hurry or put the church in the care of just anyone. Hmm! Dear God, please take control is our prayer.

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