October 2, 2023

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ADEBOYE LAMENT Please spare me: I Don’t Want YouTube Problem Again …Pastor Adeboye Begs Church Members

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img_1022After he was seriously bashed on social media for advising male youths of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) not to marry any lady who cannot cook and pray for at least one hour, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has begged youths of the church to stop uploading his videos or quoting him on social media.
The popular pastor received torrents of backlash from millions of social media users, after a video of him criticizing ladies, and those who are not members of his church was leaked on YouTube.
Therefore, while speaking during the church’s youth program plenary session themed ‘vessels unto honour’ some days ago, Daddy G.O, as Adeboye is fondly called, pleaded with the participants to spare him the problem of social media by not uploading the program’s video on YouTube.
He simply said “Spare me the problem. I’m not talking to you so that you can put me on YouTube.”
Pastor Adeboye had said in the controversial video that “Marry a prayer warrior! Any girl who cannot pray for one hour non-stop, don’t marry her. Don’t marry a girl who is lazy! You pay her family a surprise visit, and you see how she is doing… If she is lazy when she is single, what would happen if she is married?
“Don’t marry a girl who cannot cook, she needs to know how to do chores and cook because you cannot afford to be eating out all the time. Don’t marry a girl, who is worldly, if you do, you have carried what you will worship for the rest of your life.
“Don’t forget what I am telling you. It’s very important. There are those who I have advised before but ignored my advice. They later came back to me and said: ‘You warned us’. I am warning you now.”
He went further that “Don’t ever marry outside the church and you have no reason to marry outside RCCG. The reason is that if you are both from the same church even when trouble comes it is easier for the pastors to handle it.
“I don’t want to see any of my pastors looking like fellows from the training camps of Al Qaeda. Any elderly person who cannot show the noble journey for the youth in terms of dressing is not worthy to be described as an elder.
“The youths are young and they don’t know where they are going, but if you watch closely you will find that they don’t know where they are going. They often look up to their fathers for direction but if a father himself does not know what he is doing then there something wrong.
“The youth don’t respect an elder that looks like them. You are supposed to be their guiding light after they have fooled around. Pastors should be clean shaven at all times and must not in any way grow beards that will portray them as persons of different persuasion.
“My beloved daughters; don’t marry a man who has no job. Before God gave Adam Eve, he gave him a job. He said ‘this is the garden, keep it’. Ask any man who comes to seek for your hand in marriage what job he is into.
“If he tells you he is a contractor, ask him to show you evidence of all the contracts he has done. Because the contract he’s talking about is you! He wants to live off you! Don’t be a fool! If he has no steady income, if he has no job, don’t marry him!
“A man is to provide for the house not the other way round. If he has no income, he should not marry. Those who will not work should not eat.”

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