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Approaching Alagomeji Area of Yaba in Lagos, there is this eminent structure, so big that it actually has two large entrances; the front view of the building is located on Moleye street and has its back on Herbert Macaulay street. It was actually the structure of the building that got us curious in the first instance and the journalistic instinct in us sprang up. Through our research we got to know that the proposed building has been around for a while, that work began at the site a couple of months back.

We also got informed that the beautiful structure is owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) under the leadership of the highly respected man of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. The parish in question is the “Good Shepherd Pastures”. A busybody informed us that what brought about the delay in the project was that the contract which was withdrawn from the main contractor of the said building, Patrick Karlaw Ltd. The natural question that will come to mind is that why was the contract allocated to another person since he began the building from the scratch? We got the most unimaginable gist of a lifetime and we felt our esteemed readers could learn a few lessons from it.

Both parties where said to have  actually started like friends or should we refer to them as partners? For awarding the contract to him, the contractor was meant to reciprocate; that was the understanding until both parties got greedy and the relationship thereby went sour. After striking the deal, the contractor felt the building was in charge of good men of God and nothing was ever going to make them renege on the agreement but he got the biggest shock of his life when he was stopped from going ahead with the project because he failed to grease the palms of the pastors in charge. Information has it that most of the materials the contractor used after he was relieved of his duties are presently at the site but that he has been getting unfavorable incessant calls that he should come and remove them so that another contactor could start work.

What got us more rattled was when we gathered from a reliable source that one of the officiating pastors in charge of the building was once a member of staff of one of the first generation banks who got enmeshed in a fraud allegation and was relieved of his job and the next thing was that he heeded the alter call  and became a pastor.

When a contractor works on a particular project and he or she is expected to return the gestures through cash or kind, the quality of the materials would not be as standard as it should be, and this could be attributed to most of the collapsed building cases happening in recent times in the country, most especially in Lagos.

According to the information at our disposal, the proposed building has taken more than expected time to complete despite the large amount of money the project has gulped. Though work is going on at the moment there, but ordinarily by now it ought to have gone beyond completion stage. Interestingly those in charge of the proposed church are a group of ministers and pastors and not just one pastor.

Through our findings also, we got another staggering revelation about the unremitting-account nature of most Redeemed pastors. Global News gathered that the Redemption Camp situated on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway has been in the possession of the RCCG management for a long period of time. It was actually the first to acquire a vast land on that road and this gave the church the opportunity of choosing the most fertile of all lands in that area with good layout and it got more than enough too. It was revealed further that most of the lands were being sold by the land owners popularly referred to as “Omo onile” in connivance with some unscrupulous pastors in RCCG who are in charge of payment  after collected the money for the land again presented a new payment voucher and were paid afresh by the church.This fraudulent activities by these pastors cost the church several billions of naira through the act and they used to commit this shortly after every holy ghost service programme because the church has lost count of the hectares of land acquired/

In the last few years alone, we have witnessed numerous reports of Redeemed pastors ending their life’s journeys in strange and often undignified manners. We will recall the case of a pastor shot in United States of America, and that of three clerics killed when armed robbers attacked their parish. Indeed, after Redeemed pastor’s Timothy Akanni also died in a plane crash some years ago it was discovered that he had secretly been harbouring a second wife and was involved in a N7billion fraud.

Some may concede that in such issues fate cannot be changed but it is believed that pastors operating under the power and protection of the Almighty God should not leave their earthly assignments in such a crude fashion.

In the same vein, the number of those who have been caught in the acts of immorality and infidelity is most unsettling. Learnt an RCCG’s senior pastor in Spain has been dismissed due to unscrupulous behaviour with two of his female church members. Some time ago, it was alleged that the General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor  Adeboye was linked to a scandalous import duty waiver during the regime of ex president Olusegun Obasanjo; this act was said to have cost Nigeria N20 billion in revenue loss between 2006 and 2007. Such reports, coupled with countless others, cannot be simply overlooked while another top aide of Daddy G.O also impregnated his secretary of recent.

Also recalled a 40-year-old pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Kunle Odeyemi David and his accomplice, Ganiyu Babatunde a. k. a. Iyalla, were arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for fraudulently withdrawing N8 million from the bank account of a Lagos-based hotelier, Alhaji Mudashiru Olanrewaju Odetunde. Pastor David had said: “I am a pastor of the Redeemed Church. It is true we withdrew money from Alhaji Odetunde’s account. I got 30 per cent of the money. The cheque was paid into my account and we withdrew it. I deal in oil and gas” this and many other shameful act has been the second name of most Redeemed pastors.

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