October 3, 2023

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Actress Uche Ogbodo On The Run Over N300k Debt

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It is sometimes appalling the way most Nigerian artistes, especially the ladies among them, in their desperation to acquire more things than their married friends or colleagues, are sometimes led into greater mess. Some of them go as low as sleeping around for money while some go into borrowing. Recently some of them have been accused of defrauding people in the name of making money to really feel among. But the case of Uche Ogbodo, the fair-skinned actress who became popular for nearly revealing her breasts in one of the pictures she took sometime ago in the name of attracting attention, is different from the popular ones as it’s been revealed she is now in the habit of buying things on credit.

 Uche, we learnt, has been doing that for sometime now, but it did not go down well with the owner of My Wardrobe and Accessories, a boutique located somewhere on Toyin Street, Ikeja, where the actress went to book for some Italian and American bags to the tune of more than N300,000, only for her to ask for the home address of the owner of the boutique, one Jennifer, with a promise to come and pick the wares at her home somewhere in Ajah area of Lagos later. She also promised she’d be coming with the money for the bags then.

 The story however changed when Uche got to Jennifer’s house to pick the wares. Uche was said to have come up with a story that she was returning from somewhere which made it impossible for her to get money to pay for the goods. She again promised she would pay the money the next working day and Jennifer accepted the promise based on Uche’s status. But since then, which is some months ago, she’s been trying to reach the actress to no avail. It was also reliably gathered that she has promised to disgrace the actress whenever or wherever she sees her.

4 thoughts on “Actress Uche Ogbodo On The Run Over N300k Debt

  1. Uche u have done well. The woman is mugu and u be guy.
    But better be careful of public embrassment anywhere u jam the woman.
    Maybe plan relocating to Enugu or Asaba where the woman can’t get u. ..hahahaha

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