October 1, 2023

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Actress Bimbo Oshin Evicted From Dolphin Estate…Relocates to Ibadan

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Bimbo-OshinFor popular actress, Abimbola Oshin Ibironke, popularly known as Bimbo Oshin, it is not a time to laugh at all. As you are reading this, the pretty lady’s belongings have long been thrown out of her Dolphin estate, Lagos Island apartment and she has simply resigned to fate and gone to join her husband, Ola Ibironke in the ancient city of Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo state.

You will not forget in a hurry how her husband had a rough time with his first wife whom he was living with in the United States of America. As the story goes, years back, Ibironke, a movie producer and music label record owner, while still legally married to his wife was having an affair with Bimbo who is an actress cum movie producer.

His wife, a no-nonsense lady was said to have caught wind of the information and pronto demanded explanation from her husband who was unable to present any and this led to a serious war in the family. A close friend of Bimbo told this magazine that it was a serious thug of war between Ibironke’s ‘legal’ wife on one side and Bimbo on the other side. ‘Several times, Ibironke’s wife would pick the phone and call Bimbo, raining curses on her. She would accuse Bimbo of being responsible for the crises in her home. Instead of Bimbo to desist, she too would start cursing the woman in return and make jest of her saying it’s her problem if she can’t look after her man and keep her home.’

At the end of the whole brouhaha, you will not forget, Ibironke left his wife in America and decided to start living with Bimbo in Nigeria. They secured an apartment in Dolphin estate and started living as husband and wife, going to parties in the company of each other, an act which some people saw as nothing bad but which others condemned in its entirety, accusing Bimbo of husband snatching. Undaunted, Bimbo who hails from Ondo town in Ondo State continued with her business in Nigeria while Ibironke who had already relocated finally at that time continued to ply his trade between Nigeria and America, leaving his wife in America to her fate.

It was just a matter of time; just few years into Ibironke and Bimbo Oshin’s new lease of life, things started falling apart business-wise for Ibironke. Things became so bad for him that he could no longer service his big-boy status in Lagos and he decided to leave Bimbo, his second wife and relocate to Ibadan. On getting to Ibadan years back to settle down, we were told he took up residence in his friend, Olabode Taiwo’s popular hotel, LABOD, located at Bodija. He was there for a while until he could no longer pay for his rent and he was thrown out of the hotel and from there, he decided to get an apartment of his own where his wife has gone to join him now.

For some years now, little has been heard about Ilesa, Osun State-born Ibironke obviously because things are no longer the way they used to be. Gone are the days that Ibironke, the brain behind once talk-of-the-town music and movie production and distribution outfit called DUDU HERITAGE based in New Jersey in United States of America with business tentacles scattered around the world. It is on record that his production outfit is behind the success of many musicians including popular fuji act, Abass Akande Obesere, his younger brother, Valentine and inspirational singer, Shola Allyson Obaniyi. The production outfit also helped the career of many actors and actresses including his wife, Bimbo Oshin.


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