March 21, 2023

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Acting executive secretary of NHS Femi Akingbade in monumental fraud scandal

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imageAlleged monumental sleaze is being perpetrated in the National Health Insurance Scheme NHIS and the Federal government must swiftly swing into action to rescue the government agency from a looming disaster. These are the words of concerned sources at the agency calling on President Buhari to beam the anti corruption light at NHIS
All accusing fingers of maladministration are being pointed at the Ag. Executive Secretary/CEO of the agency, Femi Akingbade who’s alleged to have thrown decorum into the gutter and runs the agency without recourse to an established act.
It was exclusively gathered that Akingbade and his predecessor Dr. Thomas were guests of DSS some months back over allegations bothered on misappropriation.
A particular case was the approval of two billion naira capitation fund that was approved and shared to the HMOs while the management was alleged to have received kickbacks in several millions from them. The Staff Union was reported to have raised alarm at the rate and manner in which the Ag. Executive Secretary was running the agency, misappropriate funds that were meant to be injected to other vital programmes of the scheme. It was also alleged that Akingbade was using some of the HMOs as conduit to finance his retention and confirmation as the substantive Executive Secretary/CEO of NHIS.

On the agency’s website, it was stated that a capitation for October to December 2015 has been paid to the HMOs on behalf of the enrolled, meanwhile the source queried the process followed and asked questions why his predecessor did not approve the disbursement to the HMOSHMOs.
Another case of mismanagement was the violation of Federal government directive on oversea trainings that was blatantly disregarded as several workers were sent on overseas training during his short tenure, a tactic move to silence some of the union leaders, who were bent on opening his can of worms.
A worrisome aspect according to a source was that some management staff actually collected money for the training without actually attending such trainings, non make refund to the scheme’s purse. A particular Assistant General Manager was said to be a beneficiary of the fraud.
It was exclusively gathered however that the ES is already at loggerheads with the union over the recruitment of staff for the agency without due process.
A senior staff of the agency confirmed that about 160 letters of employment have been issued, while the union has insisted to fight against their employment because the ES and his cohorts did not follow laid down public service regulations and due process. The resultant litigation by the staff union, under the auspices of the TUC has prevented the appointees from resuming in their duties post.
Another inside source who spoke to us on condition of anonymity said ‘we don’t know the future of those appointees as at now other than a promise that if Akingbade is confirmed as substantial Executive Secretary he would railroad the incoming council to rubber stamp their absorption into the service as it is their “normal practice” the source quipped.
All attempts to speak with the CEO proved abortive as he was said to have travelled abroad.

The Scheme established under Act 35 of 1999 by the Federal Government of Nigeria, is aimed at providing easy access to healthcare for all Nigerians at an affordable cost through various prepayment systems. NHIS is totally committed to securing universal coverage and access to adequate and affordable healthcare in order to improve the health status of Nigerians, especially for those participating in the various programmes/products of the Scheme.

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