June 2, 2023

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imageJust in a space of one week, there have been as many as three accidents involving top government functionaries and this has caused palpable fear to grip the serving Ministers, top government functionaries and the entire Cabinet of President Muhammad Buhari.

This is the season of fear and anxiety in Abuja as many Ministers are reportedly treading softly whilst assuming a cautious approach and gentle disposition to their daily exercises in the capital city. Global News learnt a larger percentage of these ministers are now beefing up their security whilst others are running helter-skelter trying to be more spiritually-alert. As this is not unconnected with the ”season of accidents” involving top government functionaries many of the President’s men are now thinking of changing their domestic staff-especially the drivers.

Global News gathered that there is serious in-fighting going on amongst different factions in the cabinet of President Muhammad Buhari, so much so that every member of the Cabinet is now suspecting the other. Further stoking this in-fighting is the events of these last few days ago when James Ocholi, his wife and son perished mysteriously in a ghastly motor accident along Kaduna-Abuja road

We would recall that just a day after the accident of the Ocholis, Yobe State deputy governor, Abubakar Ali was involved in a motor accident along Kaduna-Kano expressway whilst another accident involving a bus owned by the Kaduna State House of Assembly was recorded just two days before Ali’s accident.

With these accidents happening within the space of three days, many top government officials in Abuja are seen wearing long faces to work whilst others look withdrawn and aloof from their colleagues. Many of them have also circulated memos asking their junior colleagues and office minors not to entertain unwanted visitors from other ministries and parastatals who have no official assignments to carry out.

According to a source, a top Minister from the South-East have expressed fear to a friend that the earlier predictions of some top pastors and prophets who have revealed in the year’s prediction that many serving Ministers will die whilst top men in Buhari’s Cabinet should pray against untimely deaths through accidents might have started coming to fruition. We hear some of them who subscribe to the widely held belief in this part of the world that any leap year is a dangerous one laced with many evils have become more jittery.

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