February 8, 2023

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imageFun seekers and night crawlers were denied their enjoyment on Saturday July 16, 2016 because of the abuse and misused of power by the Ogun state COMMISIONER of police Almajid Ali. The incident occurred at the popular Daktad hotel owned by politician Habeeb Ajayi situated on Quarry road Abeokuta capital of Ogun state.

An eye witness disclosed that other night crawlers were not allowed into the club on the instruction of the commissioner who was said to be in the club. One of the visibly angry fun seekers narrated that he was stopped from entering the club premises by a policeman and the hotel security from going into the club that he normally frequents on weekend from Friday to Sunday morning.

He went further that he thought that they were just joking or in the usual manner wanted money from them, but when he wanted to forced his way, he was pushed back with stern warning to go away and leave the vicinity if he doesn’t want more trouble. This he disclosed happened in the presence of others who were prevented from entering.

However, when he probed further as to why he was prevented from entering the policeman simply told him that his commissioner of police is around and he instructed them not to allow anybody passage into the club premises until he leaves.

This to many is to nothing but abuse of power by Compol Ali, according to another source who further disclosed that he’s a human being and nobody is saying he should not enjoy himself but to locked down private premises because he came around to enjoy himself and denied others their right is what is bad and this abuse of office and misused of power by the commisioner .

Global News further asked what later happened to the aggrieved night crawlers, the visibly angry victim said they all left the place for another club when it was glaring that the powerful commissioner didn’t want to leave and allowed us in.

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