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……Warns Nigerians to reject political moneybags

Publisher of Ovation Magazine and businessman, Dele Momodu, Friday in Abuja warned stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party and all Nigerians against moneybags politics, saying the presidency is not for the highest bidder.

This is as he kicked against the notion that a southern candidate cannot garner enough votes nationwide to clinch the Presidency in 2023.

He also urged the party to align with morally upright aspirants who are keen to work for the good of Nigeria.

Momodu stated this at the PDP national secretariat in Abuja, shortly after obtaining the N40 million Expression of Interest and Nomination forms to officially register his entry into the presidential race.

He said, “I am proud to stand resolutely to challenge those who feel Nigeria and Nigerians can be bought or bribed by the highest bidder. The time for the rejection of such a notion is now.

“Nigerians will no longer sell their soul for 20 pieces of silver, and I make bold to say that they are prepared to make this statement and are relying on the political parties for the opportunity to demonstrate that this is the case, by giving to the worthy candidates rather than a recycling of the failed so-called political juggernauts.

“I wish to appeal to all men and women of good conscience to join me in this movement to put a stop to the rascality of those who feel Nigerians are permanently helpless and hopeless and that we can be Lorded upon simply because we have chosen to be silent.

“We will no longer acquiesce in this state of affairs. I modestly say that through our collective efforts, the silent and voiceless majority now have a voice and representative in me.”

Kicking against zoning, Momodu declared his disgust for those he called the “ethnic jingoists” who see where they come from as the only prerequisite qualification for aspiring to lead Nigeria, no matter how ugly and inglorious their past had been.

“I humbly come into this political contest with a pedigree of integrity, reputation, solid education, tolerance, business acumen, sharp vision and competence. I possess everything it takes to win the 2023 Presidential election on behalf of my party, PDP, and I will be greatly honoured to get the ticket and support of my esteemed party for this purpose.”

“The time has come for my party, PDP to take advantage of this unique opportunity to present an uncommon candidate who is tailor-made for this moment and purpose. I am fresh and free from the usual encumbrances associated with most of our career politicians,” he said.

He observed that, since several aspirants from the North and South have indicated an interest in the highest office, the PDP might as well throw the race open to everyone who has the will to run.

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