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She is beautiful, she is smart, she is very intelligent.
In the business world, she is fast becoming a mogul. In her turf, Engineering, she is taking giant strides. She is a master of her craft.
Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke Waheed – Adekojo is a woman of many parts. A woman who is an exceptional achiever at such a young age, yet she never stops from giving of herself and her resources to the poor and needy.
Funmi Ayinke spends hundreds of millions of Naira to help the vulnerable in the Nigerian community.
The young industrialist has paid 10,000 students tuition fees; some are placed on scholarship by the Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation and they are spread across the nation. She travels as far as the hinterlands of the crises ridden north adopting children, especially the girl child for her scholarship programmes and the cranny of the Creeks of the Niger Delta to help guarantee more poor children good education.
Funmi Ayinke empowers widows and has brought smiles to the faces of many through her Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation (FHF). She never forgets how difficult life was for her mother after her father died.
She has so far empowered over three thousand widows through her Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation, (FHF).

Beautiful Funmi is always found of saying: “I was not born with a silver spoon, I wasn’t born with even a wooden spoon. We were poor and that is why I can never forget my past. I am led to help by the circumstances and obstacles I had to overcome. I will continue to help and give as much as I am blessed”.

Engr. Funmi Ayinke’s energy level is almost super human, if she is not on one of her numerous engineering projects, Mama, as she is fondly called by her numerous constituencies, which include youths, widows, young women displaced by crises, the under privileged, the needy and about anyone in need, this woman with a heart of Gold, is in the studio, waxing master pieces, songs targeted at social engineering, capturing societal ills and changing the value system.
This living super hero also finds time to reach out through her social media pages, specifically Instagram where she has a hoard of followers. She has one of the most popular Instagram TV shows where she gives motivational talks.
She is such an enigma, a woman who treats Superstars who support her and the common man on the streets with equal respect and dignity.
Her industrious nature has endeared Engr. Funmi Ayinke to her Engineering profession that she keeps bagging awards. Besides her Doctorate degrees, Fellowships in her field and her professional body, Funmi Ayinke has been crowned Africa Best Rated Engineer of the Year, 2021 by Classic Africa Merit Award, CAMA.
A graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso, Funmi Ayinke is a young Billionaire silently making waves but the rippling effects are felt all over the ocean.
Would it surprise you that she is the Patron of the National Union of Nigerian Students (NASS)?
She is indeed the formidable woman to whose credit is the fact that her authority and wisdom is so respected that the NASS is now focussed on worthy activities and there are less violence in campuses across the nation.
Her love for the sciences has seen her actively involved in the STEM project. STEM simply means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) being embraced by many Nigerian educational institutions to prepare students for the new world of technology and science.
Born on May 27, 1983, Funmi is married to the humble and amiable, cerebral Professor Waheed Mufutau Adekojo and they are blessed with children..

By Moji Danisa Dawodu

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