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In what may not come as a big surprise to his many followers around the world, the international Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG) ,Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye is still talking tough about the state of the Nigerian State and some of the shocking developments that will soon unfold in the socio-political space in the country.

Earlier in the year, Adeboye in his prediction for the year 2017 had said there will
be many surprises in the personal lives of his members and also in the life of the nation. And if what has happened so far in the social-political life of this country is anything to go by, there has indeed been many surprises that had taken the Nigerian people by surprise.

It must also be recalled that the revered man of God also said the country will witness a turn-around in all spheres and five months down the line, it must be said the Nigeria is indeed witnessing a turn around because of the many twists and turns in the fate of Nigeria as a country.

Meanwhile, according feelers from Global News sources, the revered man of God is still maintaining there will be more shockers in the country in the coming months. Our sources have also hinted that Adeboye recently told a gathering of some of his inner lieutenants that the will of God concerning the country that he(Adeboye) had expressed earlier in the year will still come to pass.

The source said further that “Daddy G O” as he’s fondly called by his admirers hinted that the country will soon enter an interesting phase and the country will be better for it. According to sources, he (Adeboye) also said there will be many shockers that will shock Nigerians to their bone marrows.

And as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Commander-in-chief of the armed Forces Muhammad Buhari hands over to the Vice President Osinbajo before jetting out of the country for his medicals in the United Kingdom,many political analysts and many Nigerians alike are now watching the political landscape with keen interests. With opinions divided amongst analysts, no one knows exactly how everything will play out in the polity as the country continues to face different challenges on a daily basis.

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