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imageThere is cold war brewing in the gateway state between the State’s Chief Executive and the Senator representing Ogun State Senatorial constituency Hon. Lanre Tejuosho and if care is not taken it may finally be taken a dangerous dimension as the governor of the state , we gathered, is hell-bent on deploring all his arsenal towards clinching the 2019 senatorial ticket of the Constituency in question against the pact he had with Senator Lanre Tejuosho also wants the ticket by any means necessary.

Our ever reliable sources in the state informed Global News that the Chief Executive of the state Ibikunle Amosunand Senator Lanre Tejuosho had entered into a pact and actually signed a memorandum of understanding that the incumbent senator representing Ogun Central Lanre Tejuosho will only run for a term and when the second term of the governors expires in 2019 , Tejuosho would concede and relinquish the ticket to the governor who would take over as the senator representing the Ogun Central Senatorial Constituency, the position he occupied thirteen years ago before becoming the governor of the State. Governor Amosun we hear is leaving no stone unturned and has perfected his strategies. Amosun who sees the seat as his next political seat in the State is no longer hiding the ambition from anyone who cares to listen and this has sent the signals to Tejuosho and the latter who saw the move as a stumbling block in the way of getting more ”national cake” after the expiration of his first Senatorial assignment is also thinking of how to outsmart the governor by reneging on the alleged agreement. On his part, Tejuosho is saying why would Amosun who had served as a Senator in the constituency before serving as a Governor for two terms be nursing the ambition again.image

Tejuosho who has silently vowed to show Amosun that he is not a greenhorn when it comes to grassroots politics in the State is said to be aligning with other powers that be in the Southwest APC to outmaneuver Amosun on the issue. We gathered that the medical doctor-turned politician is very bitter because ,according to him, Amosun who just rose from nowhere is trying to rubbish him, his family pedigree and antecedents in Ogun State by telling him that the senatorial ticket is not for him. According to Global News sources in the Rock city, Senator Lanre Tejuosho who is also fast becoming a major player in the political landscape in the State has vowed to fight for what belongs to him with everything at his disposal. Some of his close friends and allies are saying it openly that Tejuosho has promised to ”expose” the governor and deal ruthlessly with him. Both Amosun and Lanre Tejuosho are also said to be tactically behaving that there’s no in fighting avoiding each other so as not make the issue known to the public too early. However, our source disclosed that “they would deny it that there is no problems but you should remember that when Nigerian politicians are trying to defend or denying something one should note that there’s something behind it” he said.

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