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The controversy trailing the executive governor of Kogi State is increasing by the day. Though the issue of his fight with the former governor in the state is now past, the fact remains that Governor Wada is involved in some shady deals. The good people of Kogi State have said the governor is walking in the name stance with the former governor, if not the same footsteps. That some workers in the state have not received their pay for a long period of time seems unbelievable in a state with law and other.

There seems to be no accountability in the state. A source hinted that just like his predecessor Ibrahim Idris who was running the state and looting its treasury, Governor Wada has also made the state a family business, turning it into a shadow of its old self. That the home front is not settled is a story for another day.

We gathered from a reliable source that this governor is diverting the state funds into his personal purse. Kogi State gets so much funds like most of its counterparts who use the funds judiciously, yet nothing is there to show for it in Kogi State which is run by the Wada family. Some indigenes of the state are crying foul over how the past administration has been run by the Igala people leaving behind the Ebira and the Yoruba.

Busybodies hinted that the people of Kogi State are not getting all that they are entitled to as citizens of the country as the governor has consistently lamented that the state is not generating enough funds sustain development. But reports have it that the governor who recently had an accident but is now back on his feet has been running the state like he desired. The former governor of Kogi State has hotels in different locations in the state. And a source revealed that Ibro Hotel is owned by Idris Wada and he has several others too.

We further gathered that there exists a similarity the between the former governor of Kogi, Ibrahim Idris and the present governor in their looting style. Governor Idris Wada reportedly carted away a certain amount of Kogi State resources in collaboration with his father-in-law through a company called Horizon Group Limited owned by Captain Wada. Governor Idris awarded numerous white elephant contracts in excess of N3.5 billion without carrying out the job the money was meant for.

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