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Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has roused the internet once more after being involved in another heated argument with his second wife, Judy Austin…

In another clip shared on his Facebook page, Judy can be seen criticizing the actor for sharing a video she took of them in an argument.

In the video, Judy is heard asking Yul why he humiliated her by posting without her permission the video she shot via her phone.

Yul, who seemed unbothered, claimed he had the right to share it because he was also featured in it without his knowledge.

She said, “Why did you post the video I made with my own phone? So I dont have the right to make a video?

“Don’t I have the right to do a video?

Yul responded to her claim, stating that he was fed up, “You will see what I will post about you, you are already making another

video, any little argument, you make a video.

“Post anything you like on my page because you have access. There are things people don’t know about you, I will shock you. I’m getting fed up. I will do something you won’t like.”

Credit:Facebook/Yul Edochie

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