Test confirms I have Nigerian ancestry in my blood,’ says Grenada singer, Dionne Blaize



Popular Caribbean Island, Grenada entertainer, Dionne Blaize has said that Nigerian ancestry runs in her blood, little wonder singing Afrobeats, a music genre of Nigeria origin comes naturally to her.

Dionne Blaize is a multi-talented entertainer. Aside from singing, she’s equally a songwriter, model, actress and screen play writer. She’s currently making waves with the audio and video of her latest single, ‘Can’t Forget’.

Her family is from the Caribbean Island, Grenada, but she grew up in Brooklyn New York, and is very passionate about music and the arts. “I love creating/writing life experiences and feelings through song. I love creating music that makes people think and also feel good.

“According to my mother, I started singing as early as six months old. My father was a self-taught musician because he grew up poor in Carricou, Grenada. I sang in church, and in the performing arts in school. I also have siblings and uncles who are musicians. I’ve always been surrounded by music. I understand its power. It has the ability to make people feel certain emotions, and I love being a part of that.

“My father used to dance big drum in Carricou, Grenada. It was passed down to him from his mother and his grandmother, which I know was passed down the generational bloodline. They kept some of the African culture. I admired my father. He had a strong influence in my life, especially when it comes to music and the arts. I’ve always been interested in African culture. It’s not something that’s a part of the school curriculum in America, but I’ve always
been interested in learning and knowing more about it. From the moment I heard Afrobeats, I fell in love with it. It’s amazing music. I’m so very proud of where it’s come,” Blaize gushes.

Speaking further, she said: “I did an ancestry test and I happen to have Nigerian ancestry so it’s in my blood (laughs). It feels and comes so naturally to me doing Afrobeats. I feel like it’s a part of my calling. I feel our lives are already mapped out for us and I know this is where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing.

“I admire and I am a fan of many Nigerian artists like Burna Boy, Tems, Rema, Nomcebo, just to name a few. I love their style. I think they got the ‘it’ factor! There’s so many great Nigerian artists. I think they’re all amazing and I would love to be a part of it. I would love to do collaborations with them all.

“Nigerians are very strong people. I admire their determination/courage/drive. They are warriors! I think they have a very strong influence in African culture. I think they dominate/succeed in every field that they set their mind to. I think that they set the pace for Afrobeats. If someone would’ve said that Afrobeats would be where it is today, a lot of people wouldn’t have believed it, but look at the where it is now? I was so proud when I saw Burna Boy, Rema and Tems performing at the NBA halftime show. Amazing. That’s a great accomplishment!”

On her penchant to constantly dish out good music, Dionne Blaize reiterates that “I am in touch with my emotions and when I listen to a song it has to make me feel something. If the song is supposed to make me feel good and want to dance, then I should be on my feet dancing and smiling/feeling good! If that song is supposed to make me feel that person’s pain then I wanna feel that pain. When I hear a song for the first time, I’m listening with my emotions and if it can invoke the emotion it’s supposed to, then it’s good music to me.

“I hope that when people listen to my new single and watch my video that they feel the message that I’m trying to convey. I hope they get goosebumps!

“My future plan is to put out some great afrobeats music. I love creating, and I want to make music that makes people feel good. My focus is to drop some really happy good feeling music. I want to come to Nigeria and work with the great talented producers and artists there. I hope to come there and perform one day soon.”

Dionne Blaize considers herself to be an artist like Rihanna, in the sense that she does different genres of music. With her previous songs, she had delivered genres like R&B, reggae, dance, Soca, Pop and Afrobeats.




“I love music and I don’t like to lock myself into a box, but I feel that I have found my niche with Afrobeats,” she concluded.

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