My talents inspired me and I’m determined to put africa, Nigeria on the world map – Lagos popular event planner Okobi



Upwardly mobile Master of Ceremony (MC), content creator and event planner, Okobi John Emeka, in this interview talks about his sojourn to the entertainment sector and other issues

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Okobi John Emeka, also known as Yeyelagosboy. I’m a Christian from Asaba, Delta State, but I was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State. After completing my degree at the prestigious University of Ibadan, I moved to Lagos to pursue my career in entertainment. I work as an event host, also known as a Master of Ceremony, and I’m involved in event and stage management. Additionally, I’m a content creator and I run a charity event for orphans every December and this has been held for 3 years and counting

How long have you been doing all of these?
I’ve been doing this since my university days, from my 2nd year in the university of Ibadan I’ve been hosting events for different organizations that come into our campus, they run campaigns, do shows amidst other things. I can say I’ve been doing this for 9 years now, I’ve been hosting events, managing events and also creating contents.

Who and what inspired you to start Hosting?
My talent inspired me ooooo, I figured that I could speak to a reasonable number of my friends and they’d be engrossed in my talk talk because it was always fun and relaxing to them.

How do you control yourself if you’re on stage and you start shaking?

Well that has never happened to me before because before I host any event I pray and ask God to take control of this event and he does that all the time for me so I have never been nervous on stage

The journey of being an event/stage manager also, how has it been?

It’s been splendid, I learn a lot from the job and also meet different people from different spheres of life. It can be very demanding sometimes but i love doing it

What do you think makes a great manager?
For me it’s your interpersonal relationship skills, The ability to manage different set of people that you work with and get results. Also the ability to work under pressure because pressure will always locate you on the job

Tell me about a time when you were in charge of an event that didn’t go as planned.
I’ve not managed any event that didn’t go as planned, it might not look like it when the event starts but we always get our desired results by the end of the event.

What was your first show as a Stage Manager, or in a position where you had stage management responsibilities?

If I can remember, I think my first stage management responsibilities was at Oyo state Youth Festival , I can’t really remember the year but it was under the tenure of Hon Abayomi Oke

How do you balance work and personal life (this include family &friends)?

I balance it well, there’s time for everything under the sun, when it’s time for me to work I work, time for family and friends I also don’t joke with it.


What advice do you have for young folks who want to venture into the entertainment industry?

Firstly get yourself solid education, school no be scam, enlighten yourself with information about the industry you’re about to get into, see the areas you’re strong in, find a mentor and keep growing. Don’t forget God! God is the ultimate factor in your success.

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