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She is versatile, extremely creative and can simply be described as an embodiment of good music. With her live band performance, she will effortlessly wow your audience with a repertoire of monster hit cuts from genres of music like gospel, jazz, juju, highlife, folk and contemporaries to mention a few. Welcome to the world of Remilekun Rhythms, Nigeria’s next export and music goddess.  
No doubt, music is an integral part of human existence; little wonder no human gathering or event is complete without music. However, the act of satisfying a heterogeneous audience depends on the prowess of the musician, but this is an area where Remilekun Rhythms has constantly proved her mettle.  
Remilekun Rhythms is a native of Ilesha, Osun State. She had Bsc. in Business Administration from the Lagos State University (LASU) before her quest to further horn her skills in music led her to Tenstrings Music Institute where she had training on Voice, Piano and general rudiments of music.
Meanwhile, the upwardly mobile songwriter and vocal coach started her romance with music from childhood as a soloist in church. Today, she has metamorphosed into a brand that is celebrated all over the world, performing for crème-de-la-crème of the society. “I have worked with some notable bands both (gospel and secular) before moving on to start my own band 16 years ago. I have released two albums, performed in different parts of Nigeria and had gone for music tours in countries like United Kingdom, South Africa and some West Africa countries,” Remilekun Rhythms hinted.

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