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It is very gracious to see how well the Naija music screen has evolved taking the world by storm.
The entertainment industry is playing a pivotal role in changing the international perception of Nigeria.
Nigerian artists are today winning International Awards and recognitions ie Davido Wizzy Oluwa Burna Tem’s etc in no particular order.
Nigerian artists are filling massive arenas globally hosted by Presidents, getting major brand endorsements.
The industry has gone MEGA with millions rolling in.
Today, a grade A naija artist can as part of his TR (Technical Rider) request for a PJ (Private Jet) and a mega performance fee in dollars.
He can request to stay in the very best hotels and be picked up with the classiest chauffer driven Limos
He can request for personal BGs (Bodyguards) with a performance stage designed like the Titanic
Like most international artists backstage /green room request might include roses candy’s particular brands of Whisky Brandy Water Grapes etc he can simply indulge .
This is just the beginning of the continuous rise of the Nigerian music Industry.
Let’s press pause and rewind, Todays narration did not just happen overnite
There was the begining the present and as we eagerly await the future .
it is obvious that all naija artists before now paid there dues and made special sacrifices for today’s glowing times.
As an artist you don’t choose the time to blow a lot of factors determine this trajectory.
As a strategic stakeholder in the naija music scene and a Legendary promoter that creatively initiated the influx of International artists to Nigeria during the very unfriendly military era and beyond,we came we saw and we conquered paving the way for today’s glory,
Sincerely I owe it to myself and all concerned to say it as it is giving honour and maximum respect to whom it is due.
I have read a lot of reports that are far from the truth
Today’s new breed had influencers Rugged man Mode 9 , MI Abaga made rap easy to follow Nigga Raw popularized the Ibo rap vibes while Lord of Ajasa ,transcended the Yoruba rap scene,Dagrin
(RIP) ignited the Fire, Lagbaja became the first artist to charge a million bucks per gig to mention a few .
Notably and Courageously a particular artist put is neck on the line and significantly paid a major price for today’s glory days.
Love him or hate his guts he remains yours truly Idris Abdul Kareem who after the Remedy’s era went solo and became undoubtedly the biggest artist in Nigeria at the time.
Yes my broda 2baba was pivotal and stood tall in that era toooo.
Truth be told Idris paid the price for today’s glory days thou at the time he did not know the significance of the sacrifice he was making.
Yes Idris no be Saint but believe me he was the unrepentant musical activist who at the top of his career chose to fight the establishment to a standstill.
Sincerely speaking he did not need to fight that course as vehemently as he did which resulted in heavy dollar losses.
All he needed to do at that point in his career was to make the much needed point that Nigerian artists deserved better treatment and fees and move on.
Yes he made that point but he also shot himself in the foot career wise resulting in serious backlash thus becoming a personal non grata to Corporates and Clients in general.
I had just finished a significantly very successful tour with Wyclef Jean for Guinness Nigeria where Naija artists were treated like human beings and not subdued, they were dignified not dehumanized .
Wyclef ate danced and played on the same stage with the likes of 2baba Faze my late broda Sound Sultan to mention a few.
He recorded a track and shoot a video within the short tour and a personal relationship ensued and blossomed from then on.
Idris saw the difference in the way the tours were being organized.
He stood up and fought for the rights of not only himself but others on the bill.
Sincerely he over shot the mark propelled by people who had selfish interests and he paid a grievous price by going on self exile as an aftermath of the whole brohaha.
But history as they say remains constant and truth be told today’s evolution could not have been actualised without the name Idris Abdul Kareem the Jagajaga crooner who fought the battle but lost the War for future generations to triumph, Maximum Respect Due.

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