Why I’m Upgrading Sitcom Production in Nigeria –Kevin Mik



After many years of immense contributions to the growth of the Nigerian motion picture industry as an actor and production manager, Kevin Mike is set to debut as a producer with a situational comedy (sitcom) series.

K-Mic, as Kevin is fondly called, explained that the concept of his sitcom is bothered on a subliminal satirical comment of the society on relationship, career, and other walks of life, focusing majorly on challenges faced by youths in their search for greener pasture; using such elements as spoof, exaggerated situation, burlesque and parody to pass critical messages of both moral and cultural significance.

“Using the techniques of subtle messages within intense but highly bizarre plots, sharp witty humours, profound dialogues and exaggerated symbols, we want to subliminally place our co- existence under a probing microscope through which we can assess ourselves as individual human beings as well as a collective society of people,” he noted.

Some of the issues the sitcom titled ‘Number 10’ promises to treat are: moral decadence, injustice, abject depravity, corruption, rape, domestic violence, insecurity, bribery, gender discrimination, power tussle, unemployment, poor sanitation/hygiene, poverty, oppression, parenting, indecent dressing, peer pressure, language barrier, marginalization, indirect slavery, unequal distribution of wealth and leadership.

K-Mic, who has starred in productions like ‘Dirty Little Secret,’ ‘Ngige,’ ‘Loyal House Boys,’ ‘Going West,’ ‘Last Wedding,’ ‘Secret IV,’ ‘Poison IV,’ ‘I am Directed,’ ‘Campus Queen,’ ‘Unthinkable’ and ‘Bloody Will’ among others reiterated that ‘Number 10’ is designed to uplift the face of sitcom productions in Nigeria.

“There are a lot of quality sitcoms on air, but ‘Number 10’ is coming with some unique features. It will upgrade the production of sitcoms in the country,” K-Mic boasted.

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