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In a groundbreaking production helmed by film producer Faith Itohan and acclaimed film director Tunde Olaoye, Nollywood is again prepared to shed light on a silent yet prevalent threat in society – the Unknown Pandemic.
The soon-to-be-released film starring Kehinde Bankole and Swanky JKA is a thought-provoking cinematic masterpiece that analyses the delicate relationship between culture and love.
Aptly titled ‘Unknown Pandemic’, the film navigates the intricate web of human emotions and societal norms in the face of an unseen adversary.
The synopsis of the movie teases at the ambiguity surrounding this mysterious pandemic, which has left many grappling with its implications. Director Tunde Olaoye masterfully orchestrates a narrative that refuses to shy away from the uncomfortable truths, challenging viewers to confront the harsh realities of a world where the line between love and devastation is blurred.
Having wrapped up principal photography in December, 2023, the film is in its final post-production phase.
The story follows the life of Ebi, as played by Bankole. She embodies resilience amidst the chaos inflicted by the unknown pandemic. Her blossoming romance with Fred, played by the talented Swanky JKA, serves as a poignant backdrop against which the complexities of love and pain are explored.

As the tale unfolds, viewers are confronted with profound questions: Does love inherently come with pain? Are there unseen demons lurking beneath the surface of seemingly tranquil waters? Through the compelling performances of the cast, the audience is invited to ponder these existential queries and grapple with the harsh truths they unveil.
With its unflinching portrayal of the human condition, this film is poised to leave a lasting impact on audiences, igniting conversations and inspiring action in the fight against the Unknown Pandemic.

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