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For many decades, entertainment, the music sector in particular, has played a pivotal role in laundering Nigeria’s dented image all over the world. Despite the country’s abysmal economic and political rating, some Nigerian musicians have succeeded in giving the West African country a good export value with their craft. This list of Nigeria’s music ambassadors has continued to grow with the addition of Clamizzy, a dynamic Afro-fusion and dancehall musician.

Born Prince Emmanuel Clement, Clamizzy is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, music director, model and voiceover artist who has got the charisma, good looks and spontaneity to conquer the international music scene.

Clamizzy flows effortlessly with contemporary music genres like highlife, hip-hop, jazz, blues and afro et al, and performs in all kinds of events.

Clamizzy is a native of Ebonyi State, but was born and raised in Imo State.

Clamizzy, who is ready to take over the world musically, is expected to hit the airwaves with an EP titled Osetigo in a matter of weeks.

The much anticipated EP consist songs like Nwata maramma, Osetigo, GBE body, Shu peru, Gbalaga and My hustle.

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