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Adeola Adeoti, the author of ‘Canticles Of A Happy People’ and a performance poet was one of the facilitators at the just concluded Lagos Poetry Society writing workshop held on September 30, 2022.
The event which was held on zoom was attended by many aspiring poets and established names in the literary world.
Adeola took a workshop on the poetry of places. He juxtaposed the importance of keeping the sacred  memories of places well documented in literature. The  workshop was described as elegant, visceral and insightful  by the participants. Adeola touched on the mental kinesiology and art  of writing about places.
He also emphasized the aesthetic and therapeutic process of plumbing emotions and knowledge with research on the impact of places on our lives, relationships, cognitive orientation and inadvertent processes while deliberately excising the flux of repulsive  frames of references garnered from the quotidian touch with these places.
He described the garish sprawl of pokey stalls in some places in Africa in the strips of magnificent edifices cordoned off the reach of the underserved with high fences as depressing and the informal siege  of the manicured rich, surrounded by the vengeful lots and then the sanity of life in Lancashire and other enabling environments. He also spoke about how we are most delicately influenced by places.
Other speakers during the event were
the ethereal performance poet, Otor Mathew; art critic, performance poet, and multisensory artiste, Mark Ogbebor;  the prolific, author, thespian, poet, brand strategist, bibliophile , troubadour and producer, Oloyede Taiwo; the rhythmic nightingale, Ghana born performance poet, novelist, and thespian, Kate Apaflo Awuku-Darko; the columnist, writer , and lawyer, Niran Adedokun ; performance poet FGM  activist, and consummate writer,  Kehinde Florence Samuel; Lawyer and writer, Emmanuel Ojo  and others,  drenched the particpants in an immense  virtuosity of verbal pyrotechnics.
The event was described as a masterclass like no other.

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