August 9, 2022

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Another Overseas Misbehavior: Nigerian Prostitute Tears Woman’s Vagina With Sharp Object

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A Nigerian prostitute was arrested by the Ghana Police Service in the Ashanti Region for reportedly cutting a colleague’s private part with a blade.


The defendant, who was characterized as the godmother of all prostitutes in Dichemso Plaza, allegedly used the blade to inflict wounds on her victim’s face and thighs after grabbing her customer.

According to local news outlets, the suspect, known as Bella, had urged her colleague, Ruth, to avoid a specific man since he was her most important customer. She also threatened to “design” her (Ruth’s) face with sharp items if she did not heed her warning.

However, after Ruth ignored the warning, Bella and four others accosted her and pinned her to the ground beside the roadside. They later restrained her wrists and legs, allowing Bella to cut her face and intimate parts.

The four people who assisted Bella in carrying out the deed have yet to be apprehended by police since they fled when they learned of Bella’s arrest.

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