August 9, 2022

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AIG Confirm Policemen Are Now “Yahoo Boys and Cultists”

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policemen men are now yahooboys and cultists

Adeleke Adeyinka Bode, the Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG) in charge of Zone 2 (Lagos and Ogun), has criticized the high occurrence of cultism and online fraud among police officers.

The AIG stated Thursday, July 28, during his visit to the Ogun State Police command in Abeokuta, that policemen involved in illegal activities are destroying the police force’s attempts to rid the nation of crime and giving the force a bad name.

He stated that a police officer who belongs to a cult would go to great lengths to safeguard members of his group, even if they had committed an offense.

Adeleke said: “If you (police officers) are a cultist I don’t think you should show it to people because it is wrong; and do you know why it is wrong even if you are not wicked? if you belong to a cult group, there is no way you are not going to favour a member of your cult, unless you are not a good cult member.

policemen men are now yahooboys and cultists

“In a situation where a police officer is a member of a cult group and people in the society know that he is a cultist, his activities are related to cultism, I think it is sad.

He advised such officers not to engage in actions that could spark civil upheaval, such as the End SARS marches.

He then charged Lanre Bankole, the Commissioner of Police in Ogun State, with locating cops implicated in cultism and cybercrime.

“There are some of our policemen too now that are into cybercrime, popularly know as Yahoo-Yahoo, especially policemen who find themselves in places where we have institutions of higher learning; it is very common.

“You (Commissioner) need to fish them out and you need to preach to them.”

To avoid a repeat of the End SARS demonstration, he warned his men to be more professional and respectful while dealing with members of the public.

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