August 9, 2022

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Terry G Reveals Hit Song, Free Madness “Was a Mistake”; Talks About Working With Portable

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terry g and portable

Singer, Gabriel Amanyi, aka Terry G, spoke to journalists about his music career, controversies, current projects and other issues. He revealed hidden detials about his hit song Free Madness and how about had been to his house twice in recent times.

“I am still the king of the streets, even if I have not released any content in a while. It is deliberate. I had a court case which was going on underground. I could not release any content because of that. I had to use that time to focus on my family and business. I had the urge to release songs but I could not because of the contract I had. Presently, I am working on releasing more content.”

When asked about controversial and trending newcomer Portable, he had this to say:”It is a good thing. I love Portable so much. Despite the fact that I did the ‘crazy genre’ of music, it does not mean that somebody else cannot be inspired and still unique. He is quite unique. There is nothing he has that can be compared to mine, musically and intellectually. I feel nobody should shut him out.

He cannot be stopped.
If he stops talking, what else will happen? That is his style. It (controversies) did not just start from me. It started with different guys that represented the streets, and it will still continue. It is normal. He has been to my house twice. But, we could not record our song that day because he had to be at a show in Akure, Ondo State.

I am interested in working with anybody that represents the streets. I am a producer and singer.”

He also shed more light on an issue he had with renowned DJ Jimmy Jatt over his treatment of one of his workers, he revealed:
“It was actually settled the next day because I went to DJ Jimmy Jatt’s house. It’s just bad news always goes farther than good news. I actually apologised then.

The DJ in question did some things that I felt were not professional. If I had left that place in shame, it would not have gone well, considering what people know Terry G for. It would not have been good for my image.

It (my not leaving the stage when necessary) was a mistake but he (the DJ) should not have done what he did (playing another song which meant I should leave the stage). Telling me to ‘take it outside’ was an insult to me. That was what caused the issue between me and the DJ.”

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