August 19, 2022

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Dubai Has Banned Visa Application for Nigerians Over Recent Fight – Nigerian Actor Claims

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dubai bans nigeria visa

Due to the viral battle in Satwa, Dubai has reportedly barred Nigerians from applying for visas. The prohibition came after certain African immigrants, mostly Nigerians, wreaked havoc in the UAE.

A video from the incident shows young males wielding machetes terrorizing the neighborhood at night. They smashed a car’s side windows, wrecked other properties, raced after innocent citizens, and generally disrupted the serenity in the otherwise peaceful neighborhood.

The troublemakers were apprehended by Dubai police a few days after the video went viral. The Dubai government is alleged to have gone a step further by dragging down the process for Nigerians applying for visas to Dubai.

According to unconfirmed allegations, the Dubai authorities are currently refusing to issue visas to Nigerian men under the age of 36. Reacting from Dubai, Nigerian actress Aremu Afolayan expressed concern that the Dubai authorities’ decision will hurt hardworking Nigerians.

He stated that Nigerians have the legal right to be in Dubai and that any Nigerians causing issues in Dubai are most likely illegal.

“Pick up the troublemakers and don’t use it to undermine every other Nigerian’s livelihood,” he stated in a video.

He went on to say that because everyone is an immigrant in other nations, it is unfair to blame all Nigerians based on the conduct of a few.

“They cause trouble and kill each other; throw them in jail; do whatever you want to them; they deserve it. However, there are innocent Nigerians who require food “He continued.

He also inquired as to what the Nigerian ambassador in Dubai is doing to assist Nigerians affected by the embargo.

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