March 31, 2023

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COVID-19 2nd Spike: Easy Sauce and Yvonne jegede collaborate to educate people to cook and stay at home this Valentine season⁰

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With everyone looking forward to Valentine’s Day, Easy Sauce, the indigenous company known for its savory African sauces and producers of the renowned Obe Sauce, has launched a campaign encouraging Nigerians to stay home instead.
This campaign is in light of the second wave of COVID-19 currently spreading across and ravaging the nation. With thousands of people already infected by the virus, the nation is pulling all stops to curb the spread of the virus.
As such, Easy Sauce is joining the fight by launching a hearty campaign to show lovers, friends and family that Valentine’s Day can still be ‘spiced up’ at home. The two-pronged campaign will not only encourage Nigerians to stay home and stop the spread of the virus but will also educate them on how to whip up special recipes with Obe Sauce.
The company is launching this campaign on the 14th of February with star actress, Yvonne Jegede to show Nigerians how they can share love by cooking their Valentine’s Day delicacies with Obe Sauce.
COVID may have ruined a lot of things but Easy Sauce is on a mission to ensure that it doesn’t ruin Valentine’s Day for lovers and families.

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