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In line with its vision of streamlining human r​​esource functions and processes in the workplace, BridgeGap has launched 56 Bridge, a recruitment app which will revolutionise job applications, improve efficiency and reduce bottlenecks in the recruitment process for organizations.


The 56 Bridge app, which was launched in Lagos on Tuesday, August 9th, 2022, is primed to assist organisations attract and hire top talents from any part of the world. In the same vein, job seekers can apply for jobs, write tests and attend interviews from the comfort of their homes
Speaking during the launch ceremony, Mosunmola Obembe, Director of Operations for BridgeGap Consults Limited- the parent company of 56 Bridge – said the app is an end-to-end recruitment platform that is cost and time effective, where candidates’ shortlisting and interview processes is re-defined for a better talent addition to organisations.


“With 56 Bridge, employers of labour can easily shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, review and rate candidate’s interview responses as well as conduct employment tests while generating a comprehensive recruitment report. On the other hand, candidates can also create profiles, download resumes and take interviews,” says Obembe.
The Director, Marketing & Business Development at BridgeGap Consults Limited, Chiedozie J. Egbe, rolled out the unique features of 56 Bridge to organisations and job seekers which include Job postings that allows organisations post jobs for potential applicants; employment tests where recruiters set tests for job seekers and Video Interviews, where interview questions are set and candidates can take such interviews from any location.

Other features of the app include Candidate Ratings, which allows scoring of candidates on the go; Video Library, Analytics Reports and SMS/Email Interview Invites.


Egbe explained that applicants using the app also stand to enjoy a number of benefits including profile and automatic CV creation, job applications, video interview and recording of such interviews and interview notifications. “The app allows applicants to save jobs which they are interested in and apply later,” he noted.


The App will be available to users from the 5th of September, 2022 and can be downloaded on Apple Store, Android Play store or through the website

BridgeGap Consults Limited has been providing multidisciplinary professional service to both local and international organizations.

since 2008. The firm has worked with clients in various industries and of various sizes, finding solutions thus adding value to the business world.


Driven by the culture of excellence and strict adherence to global best practices; BridgeGap has combined its vision with the delivery of services that exceed customer’s expectations. The company believes that people are the best asset of any company, regardless of the business size, industry and market sharee.

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