September 21, 2023

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DISCOVERING NYERERE CHINENYE ANYIM (The APC Governorship Candidate for Abia State)

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Nyerere Anyim

DISCOVERING NYERERE CHINENYE ANYIM (The APC Governorship Candidate for Abia State)
What I Will Do To Change Abia State: FREE EDUCATION

Nyerere Anyim
Nyerere Anyim
Only a handful of past Nigerian generational leaders identified themselves with the universal notion that education is the foremost answer to the problems of mankind. Some of these leaders, who held positions in governance, intentionally allocated higher public funds to their educational budgets, to open the gates of educational opportunities to their fellow Nigerians. Among these leaders were great Nigerians like the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, and Dr. Michael Opara, whose worthy contributions in the educational development of Yorubas and the Ibos, produced tremendous impacts on the lives of many Nigerians that benefited from their free education programs.

These Southern Nigerian beneficiaries, who had early exposure to the educational support programs of these past political leaders, turned out at last to be well educated and better cultivated minds, which gave them the advantageous edge to cooperate and work together, to develop and dictate the structure of their polity, regional economy and the nature of their educational institutions, in such a way that the impact of the later was made to be higher and above that of the northern region – a problem of limited educational institutions and learning opportunities – that northern governors are still battling to overcome its adverse effects in youths restiveness; arising from circumstances of pervasive poverty and limited educational attainments.

According to UNESCO statistics from its Nigerian Director, Professor Hassana Alidou, Nigeria in general, has one of the worst educational indicators, with about 10million out-of-school-children, a deplorable and disturbing revelation that should make any worthy aspirant to the state government house, to have a visionary policy, that will put his state in educational ascendancy, to protect its present and future generations.

In this part of Eastern Nigeria, to which Abia State belongs, the Ibos in general, also, see the imperative of early education of children, from the primary, secondary and tertiary levels, as the defining step to success in the lives of children, and the collective development of the communities and states to which these children belong.

And right here in Abia State, the APC governorship candidate, NYERERE CHINENYE ANYIM, is the man in whose hands is placed a ‘Divine Agenda’ that Abians are discovering its exciting and compelling colourations every new day. For indigenes and residents of Abia State, if you have been struggling to make it educationally, your wait and anxiety are over! The ‘Divine Agenda’ of NYERERE ANYIM offers children of Abia State, and children in Abia State, a life changing solution through his free education package.

As he has released his manifesto to members of the public in the state, the lid has been opened for everyone to see the makeup of his programs and special projects that he plans to execute in his visionary package to truly take the people to ‘God’s Own State’, if elected as the governor of the state in the 2015 governorship election. One of his outstanding programs is the offer of FREE EDUCATION to the people of Abia State.

Nyerere Anyim is convinced that his leading offer of free education will help children of Abia State to have access to qualitative education early in life, to assure a better future for all in the new generation. This free and functional education is directed at ensuring enrollment of all children into free basic/primary education, the award of scholarships for university education, and the establishment of post-secondary super-bridging vocational institutions or centres of learning, that would be used as high-powered specialized skill development centres, for retraining students at post secondary level, in skills that easily adapt to their natural talents, and in skills that the economy of the state demands for its ensuing industrialization projects. For instance, unemployed school leavers and graduates could be retooled in demanding areas of specialization, such as:

• Litigation Technology Support Professions that will drive the digitalization of the state judiciary.
• Mobile Applications Developers & Circuitry Assembly Experts, for building of mobile phones and creation of mobile applications, to see to the ascendency of Abia State in the E-economy from ICT; which is a potential source of exports for growing the internal revenue of the state in the face of dwindling Federal Allocation due to the downfall in global oil prices.

When these trainees have been perfectly re-skilled in vocational centres, they can then conveniently complete their studies in the universities, to acquire degree certifications in their fields of practical expertise. This is the way to build a productive generation of graduates that can independently and confidently initiate business startup foundations, to help develop and grow that much advocated Ibo Enterprise, which is the ultimate anchor in Nyerere’s vision of free education.

A sharp look at Nyerere’s profile, and if possible, a personal conversation with him over his ‘Divine Agenda’, will combine enough to convince you that he is not just contemplating about stepping into Awo’s shoes, by emulation his contributions in the free education of the Yorubas and the subsequent transformation of the human capital capacity of Western Nigeria. Nyerere shares a very deep sense of personal value for the educational emancipation of orphans, fatherless, motherless, financially handicapped youths, and other persons in the rest of the classes of underprivileged people in our society.

For so many years, before he started nursing the ambition to aspire for the governorship of Abia State, Nyerere as a successful businessman, with a humane touch for the welfare of his fellow beings, had setup the ‘Nyerere Anyim Educational Support Initiative (NAESI)’, to provide succor to the dreams of so many out-of-school-children, who suffer this handicap because of their inability to discharge the burdens of school fees and other study expenses. Today, the large number of beneficiaries from NAESI, in primary, secondary, post-secondary institutions and universities, who received books, computers, educational support materials and schooling fees, abound in our society, to tell their stories in glorification to God, for this “Divine Hand” that has lifted their educational burdens in life and consigned them to the trouble bin of the past.

Under Nyerere’s NAESI program, one is compelled to ask: What were Nyerere’s motivations for offering free education and scholarship to people in Abia State and other parts of the Nigerian society? I had to unravel the answer to this question by having a one-on-one chat with this APC governorship candidate, NYERERE CHINENYE ANYIM. He had this to say in answer to this question: “Wealth is valueless when acquired and primitively used for the selfish relieve of personal goals and desires, while people around you are impoverished”.

This quoted statement tells you that the APC governorship candidate, NYERERE CHINENYE ANYIM, is neither impassive nor unimpressionable about the well being and welfare of others in this commonly shared circle of humanity. Therefore, the good people of Abia State should consider themselves blessed by God, not only to have such a man as a governorship candidate in the coming election – who naturally values and cares for the welfare of others – but also, the man, who is so impassioned and highly experienced from his NAESI projects, about how to drive the policy of his free education to practical reality. In all parts of the world, it is considered most advisable to vote for the man who has the true experience to paddle his programs and policies to the harbour of success.

In the lond run, what this advocated policy of Nyerere implies is that the educational allocation in the yearly budget of Abia State will receive increased spending, to underscore the priority that is attached to his free education program, and ensure its continual successes. Moreover, the attention of the Nyerere government in Abia state will be focused on proper management of funds received from the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), to complement the internally generated revenue and the Federal Allocations, as sources for financing the free education program.

NYERERE ANYIM is the “Divine Hand” with the ‘Divine Agenda’, to truly take the people of Abia State to the much vaunted ‘God’s Own State’, where a strong economic foundation for the present and future generations will prevail, to usher in tremendous progress, prosperity and peace for all to behold.

Written by Nwosu Chukwuemeka, a multi-media content writer in the Media Team of Nyerere Anyim Campaign Organization – 08181640722.

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