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President Muhammadu Buhari is currently facing many battles from different angles. While he’s trying to settle the war ravaging his party, All Progressive Congress, he is also battling to settle down to the real business of governance to give the masses who supported and voted for him the dividends of democracy.

Out of all these problems the more that’s weighing him down mostly is how to tame his wife who is already positioning herself as the new power broker in Aso Rock seat of power against Buhari’s stance on flamboyance and corruption.

During the campaign, one of the former military ruler’s promises was that he was going to scrap the office of the First Lady; that it was not in our constitution, a statement that elicited a lot of ill-feelings among the populace. But few days later his wife Aisha came out to debunk the statement that Buhari could not wipe the office of the First Lady out just like.

With her actions of late, the president, we gathered, is not too happy with the way his wife is gathering her own clique of friends in the villa to form a super power brokers who will dictate things for him.

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