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IMG_1251The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is about to commence its annual forty days fasting for the year 2017 on a very ugly note because of the internal wranglings and bickerings among the power blocs in the church and because of the latest developments that has shaken the leadership of the church which is now becoming too powerful for the federal government of Nigeria.

Although the all too powerful and influential Redeemed Christian Church of God’s may have succeeded in pressuring the FG to repeal the law which forced its General Overseer Pastor E A Adeboye to step aside as the General Overseer in the country, the controversy generated by the recent decision of the federal government of Nigeria to cap the years General Overseers or heads of Nigerian Churches to twenty years (or seventy years of age) can stay as the head still rages and it has further brought the internal bickering amongst the RCCG fold to the fore.

The fact that the General Overseer of the RCCG has moved up the ladder to become the Supremo of one of the fastest growing churches in the world is no longer news and it is a known fact that this is not a welcome development for some top pastors in the Church who have tried to succeed the revered man of God at all cost.They are hell bent on removing him from the church so their cabal can come in and have full control of the administration of the church.

Global News can now authoritatively report that the dirty politics of some bad elements within the fold of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has now assumed a dangerous dimension all in a bid to remove Pastor E A Adeboye completely from the frame by using every means necessary to force him into retirement so they can come in and have direct access to the fat accounts of the very rich church.

Global News exclusively gathered that even the so called aides of Adeboye who wine and dine with him on a daily basis are the very ones hatching these dirty plans of removing him.They are said to have employed various (including diabolical) means in the past to achieve their aims and objectives. But the ever holy and highly spiritual Adeboye had on many occasions thwarted their plans.

We also gathered that Pastor Adeboye at one point having uncovered so many dirty plots aimed at removing him and told his wife Mummy Folu Adeboye – who is fondly referred to as “Mummy G O” – that he was going to call it quits but it was the latter who encouraged him and gave him the boldness to carry on as the leader of the church.She was said to have addressed the board of Trustees at one point and implored any of them whom the Lord had told that Adeboye should vacate his position as the GO of the Church should come forward and tell the gathering ; when none of these top guns in the church top hierarchy came forward, the woman of God then said they should leave Adeboye “to continue the work of his father” until his father says he is tired of the vessel.

And just as the new Worldwide General Overseer assumes a new level of responsibility in the Church which puts him a level higher than his former position, we hear many of these top pastors calling for him to step aside completely from being the head of the church are not resting on their oars.

Also, Jim Obazee, who activated the controversial law that technically removed Pastor Adeboye from being the General Overseer of the RCCG is said to be an aggrieved top pastor who is on a revenge mission because of what he feels he’s being marginalized in the scheme of things at the Church. Obazee who has since been sacked for not delaying the controversial law against the instructions of his bosses is seen as someone who has an axe to grind with the RCCG establishment and many are now pointing accusing fingers at him for single-handedly pushing Pastor Adeboye to the next level even when he actually meant to push him out of the fray.

Right now,some members are urging Adeboye to revert back to his position as the G.O but sources close to the church disclosed that the status quo will remain until the governing council decides otherwise, maintaining that no other person in the church can altar the stated changes that had been announced by the General Overseer.

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