October 2, 2023

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Nigeria Air misses out on phase two of AOC Certification

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The controversial national carrier, Nigeria Air, has failed to progress to phase two of the Air Operator Certificate certification process, according to a letter from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

The PUNCH reported that the Federal Government took delivery of the first plane of the country’s national carrier, Nigeria Air, amid protest from local airline operators that it was contrary to a court order, which barred the government from taking further action on the project.

But a letter on Friday, dated June 2, 2023, addressed to the Managing Director of Nigeria Air stated that Nigeria Air’s request to proceed did not include the formal application form and the necessary documents required for the certification process, as outlined in an earlier letter dated May 16, 2023.


The Managing Director of Nigeria Air stated that the airline was disappointed to have missed out on Phase Two of the AOC certification process. However, he assured the public and stakeholders that the airline would work towards ensuring that the necessary documents are submitted to the NCAA so that the certification process can restart.

The letter reads,” The Authority is in receipt of your letter dated 25th May 2023 on the subject matter. Quite contrary to our earlier letter of 16th May 2023 which enumerated the documents to be submitted with the Formal Application Form OPS 002, your letter of request to proceed to Phase Two has no inclusion of a Formal Application Form and the necessary documents referenced in the Formal Application Form. Hence, the Certification Process cannot progress to Phase Two (2) without these required documents.

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