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The promising career of a young and hugely talented artiste Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (MOHBAD) has been cut short in his prime due to circumstances yet unofficially confirmed as detailed investigations continue.
Thou accusing fingers are immidiately pointing to Naira Marley of Marlian Records and his cohort Sam Larry, thou other theory’s exist; the nurse and the anti tatanus injection , theory of the wife the baby and adultery allegations ,his Dad and hurried burial , family and sibling squabbles etc all this combined makes a great who done it major crime series.
There is also the theory of MOHBAD being strangled after a gig and his Dad being instructed that Mohbad must be buried quicky to as a cover up.
This case begs for thorough investigation
Mohbads death further shines light on the inhumane treatment meted out to some artists by some label owners coupled with today’s drugs and cult induced contracts and blending affiliations
Thou the actual cause of death is yet to be officially determined, the industry must see this as a major Red flag and a serious threat to it’s continued success globally.
MOHBAD cried out for help but we never listened we assumed he was making hits Yes music is Life, he sang about his flexing life his troubled life and continued harassment and intimidation by his label noting that he also enjoyed and lived the high life of drugs cultism and craziness tooo
That not withstanding he has a citizens right to life devoid of intimidation and persecution
When am there no more people will love me more, indeed people have shown him unbelievable Love ..he saw death coming .
People will talk about the things have done and discuss my rights and wrong ….Yes his life and time has become a major discuss on the streets
MOHBAD was indeed a prophet like the late Dagrin he saw death knocking
I don dey do yahooo…I don dey take banku..
Omo pastor ti wo inu aye… .he lived the life enjoyed the flexing
This kind life don tire me….. the intimidation became unbearable for him
The industry must begin to look inwards we must collectively tackle this rot as there are so many Mohbads waiting to happen .
The issue of record labels and artists is basically about money, interest and
control .
Artists turn label owners is also another perspective as they totally forget that they were aspiring artists at some point.
The label wants ROI at any cost, the artists desires a flourishing career ,at some point there lines get crossed for obvious reasons , the artists wants more and his head gets turned while the label rekons they have performed their agreed obligation.
Disputes that were left to the courts are now in the hands of cult groups truth be told serious yawa dey ooooo.
How I wish ilerioluwa could just rise from the dead to see the trememdous buzz his death has caused indeed as quoted wen am there no more people will love me more , indeed they really do.
On the other hand I wish Nigerian youths could be politically proactive like they stormed out for MOHBAD. ala End Sars The Japa syndrome and bad governance might have been a thing of the past.
In the words of portable please celebrate me while am alive an irony of some sort.
Seriously this is a rot that honestly calls for value reorientation going forward in the music and entertainment industry
Imole Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba MOHBAD has indeed proved greater in death.
In summary the music industry is a reflection of our immidiate society were every thing goes we have glamorused drugs ,cultism wanton recklessness etc the youths see it as the new cooooool
We have an industry that is not legislated were anybody can wakeup and do whatever, hope this MOHBAD ref flag jingers our swagalicious swaga

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