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By. Lekan Abioye

A lot of people may not fully understand why I am doing this, but the truth is that I am super excited, and I cannot but express my excitement, especially seeing one of the illustrious sons of Ilawe Ekiti, where I also came from, excelling.

Folks, this is all about celebrating and congratulating Makinde Araoye (a.k.a MKD), a technocrat turned politician, for being one of the 14 nominees of the President-elect to the Presidential Transition Committee.

Is this a big deal? Yes, it is!

So many years ago, we once had a man from my town, who, as far as his political career was concerned, reached a laudable height. At that time, he was a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and you wouldn’t know how blessed and happy we felt having someone from my town who could see the President face-to-face. It was fulfilling knowing that one of our own could approach the president and also discuss our concern with powers that be.

The truth is, the man, Dr. Bode Olowoporoku, had the entire Ekiti land and my town, Ilawe Ekiti, in particular, at heart. Hmm! He left us with pleasant memories to appreciate.

With many years down the lane, having an indigene of Ilawe Ekiti to take us near Aso Rock, the seat of power, remained a dream that only of recent came true.

Today, by God and by the deliberate act of a vision-driven determination, we have another feet standing tall to represent Ilawe Ekiti in high places. We appreciate the voice given to help push our matter.

Are you still wondering why I am excited?

Well, what comes next should make you understand my position.

How will I not be elated seeing a vibrant, exposed, educated and hardworking young man standing as an epitome of the art of networking.

Soon, the story will be told of how proud youths and the middle-aged of Ilawe have become, knowing they are well represented and positioned for greater heights, even within their chosen careers and endeavours.

Now, let me quickly mention just a few things about MAKINDE ARAOYE.

I stand bold to declare that he is a thoroughbred politician, having passed through the tutelage of those I would call the BAT Men; of note of the lot is Dr. John Kayode Fayemi, a former governor of Ekiti State and a former Honourable Minister of Mines and Steel Development.

Makinde served as the Senior Special Assistant on Revenue Management to Fayemi as a minister, and up until recently, he was a Special Adviser on Federal Matters to Fayemi as the state governor. In this position, he did well in making sure Ekiti State benefited from all sectors of Federal Government’s interventions.

In addition to learning the ropes of governance under Fayemi, Makinde also passed through the hands of Mr Niyi Adebayo, another former governor of Ekiti State, but a serving Minister of the Federal Republic Nigeria.

Most importantly, you cannot doubt Makinde Araoye’s capability to perform, having been trained at prestigious colleges, both in Nigeria and the United State of America.

He is an alumus of Harvard Kennedy School of Business Executive Education; coming from Accenture to SAP to becoming an expatriate consultant on special projects with NNPC.

With such intimidating qualifications and experience, I doubt not that he will go far and deliver wherever he is asked to serve.

Today, I am happy that he is moving up politically and well-positioned to represent the youths and the new generation of leaders that our nation needs.

Dear Makinde, I am not ashamed to say that you are a political inspiration to a lot of us who have been within the private sector for so long in the journey of our lives.

Few times, in trying to assist some politicians conceptualise great strategies for development and implementation, I have courageously recommended Makinde Araoye. After all, he remains, to me, an inspiration.

In conclusion, I believe you have given a lot of young men and women from my beautiful town, Ilawe Ekiti, the courage to stand up and run the race, just as you keep believing in and building up yourself.

I wish Makinde Araoye well as he moves forward in his political journey.

I look forward to a greater Nigeria, a beautiful Ekiti State and a wonderful city of Ilawe Ekiti.

Dr. LEKAN ABIOYE a.k.a SALAQUA (, MBA,, fcba, fckm, fibakm, cbc, ficbc, MioD, rpa,) An Entrepreneur, a Technocrat, a Business Consultant, a Thought Leader, an Administrator, The National President of MHSIOBA and an illustrious Son of Ilawe Ekiti, plying his businesses in Lagos, Nigeria.

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