Posted on April 4, 2021 || By: Global News

There’s no doubt GOTV Boxing night, sponsored by GOTV has come to stay. The boxing show that has showcased Nigerian boxers and which at the same time has rewarded the home based boxers in many ways has definitely come to stay.

However, the attitude and irrational behaviour of the promoter of the show, Jenkins Alumona may halt all the progress that the event has made over the years.

Jenkins, we gathered is in the habit of fighting officials and guests who grace the show. Those who are in the know claimed that Jenkins is in the habit of barking and harasing people like someone who has been bitten by a rabid dog. The source went further that he picks fight with people at ease, shouting and behaving in an abnormal manner that doesn’t befit someone of his social standing and in fact a stark illiterate will not behave in such a manner. The source disclosed that he went overboard when he picked on many people at the just concluded GOTV Boxing nite that was held last Friday at the Rowe Park Sports Centre Yaba, Lagos. He was seen removing chair that was seated on by one of the officials at the event, jumping and dragging chairs with the official.

Those who were present claimed that nobody knows what happened between him and the officials but people shifted their attention to the show of shame when he jumped up from where he was seated, charged like an area boy towards where the official was and removed the chair to the chagrin of those present at the show. It took the intervention of officials of Nigeria boxing board who doused the tension caused by Jenkins’ irrational behaviour.

Shortly after this, he picked up on notable boxers like veteran boxer Joe Lasisi, Okebadan over irrelevant issues that any of his staff can handle but decided to rubbish himself.

Journalists and other guests are not exempted from Jenkins bad behaviour, he shout and bark at them, ordering they can’t be allowed to seat anywhere.
Global News was also informed that during one of the shows at Ibadan few years ago, Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho and his followers nearly beat up Jenkins. Not knowing who they are, the Flykite boss started abusing Igboho and his boys over issues that he could have overlooked. This magazine also gathered that Jenkins is said to be arrogant and proud and in the habit of looking down on people especially those who he thinks they’re not up to his standard and poor..

However, Nigerian boxers are grateful to G. O. T. V for coming to the laudable flip they have brought into pro boxing but unfortunately Jenkins arrogance and “Lord of the manor” behavior is not the best. Even Fijabi one of the best known boxers in Nigeria was messed up by Jenkins and his so called securities.

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